Masks & Vaccines

Some facts for the Mask Moron

Since the whole covid hysteria began I have been speaking out against it. My intuition just told me something was not right about it. The mask mandates are an overt violation of our basic human rights to breathe and to decide for ourselves how we should address the so called virus pandemic. Here is a list of holes that are in plain sight.

1. The packaging of all masks clearly states that they do not protect against covid and viruses.
2. There is no science supporting asymtomatic spread
3. wearing masks have documented health risks that most people are not being made aware of even though OSHA has laws documenting these risks. 
4. The risk of serious health risk due to the virus is 0.0003% for healthy people
5. If the risk is so low as mentioned in 4 then why are masks still mandated? Also building herd immunity should be the obvious strategy if that is the case.
6. Tests are at best questionable and a person that test positive does not neccesarily mean they have the “Novel Corona Virus”. More research required on this. 

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The No.1 Wildcamper that can see what's happening in the world whilst most around him including friends are totally oblivious and brain dead to reality and total Mask Morons.

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