Masks & Vaccines

Rich Vaccine pushers and Freedom taking Arseholes pushing enslavement or Die of A forced Vaccine.

I would personally like to get Piers Morgan down and pump the Covid poison Vaccine into him. Because I for one don’t believe he has taken it. He’s one of this rich arseholes that is pushing the poison on others and wouldn’t take it himself.
He will never need to take a public flight he will be on his own private Jet.
He will never eat in a public restaurant probs owns his own that will be reserved for him.
He doesn’t go to pubs and clubs.
He won’t need a public gym he will have his own gym. 
He won’t need public shops.

See all these things Piers Morgan doesn’t need. He will also know what’s in the vaccine and what it’s all being pushed for. He will know Covid19 is all bullshit, he will know the New World Order and the Great Reset he is possible even receiving money for putting out this statement. The statement is to rally support from the brainwashed public to forced vaccines on the intellect and awakened.

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The No.1 Wildcamper that can see what's happening in the world whilst most around him including friends are totally oblivious and brain dead to reality and total Mask Morons.

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