Masks & Vaccines

STUDY: Long term mask use breeds microbes that infiltrate the lungs and contribute to advanced stage lung cancer.

The Government wouldn’t make me wear a mask if it was bad for me. The mainstream media would surely warn me about mask health and not try and push it. Don’t be fooled, we are not in normal times, we are in the midst of a Global Communist take over. What’s happening in America Now is part of it and if America falls life will change beyond belief. Forced Vaccination, Concentration Camps under the guise of re-education centres for those of us that can think for ourselves, forced Artificial intelligence chips, no more travel, smart cities etc.

During the Spanish flu 50 million people died. 10% from the flu and 90% from the Masks.

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The No.1 Wildcamper that can see what's happening in the world whilst most around him including friends are totally oblivious and brain dead to reality and total Mask Morons.

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