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What were you doing in 2020 when the Great Covid psyops was being played out..?

I was sitting in my home wearing a mask it was 10pm pointless being out any later because my Government closes everything at 10pm. I wear a mask on the bus on my way to my local cafe or I get a fine or thrown off. I was in the gym wearing a mask when I could find one open that is, never thought to question the real reason they were all closing around me. I was sitting in my job 8 hours a day wearing a mask and never uttered a single word to refuse it or question it, I just took the Governments word for it and my Companies word for it that it was necessary and that it wouldn’t cause me any harm, my company must know all the side effects of long term mask exposure.. I didn’t ask for proof the mask protected me because I knew there wasnt any. I just shut up and said nothing waiting for the bacterial Phenomena to kick in knowing the real reason of my death would just be another covid statistic.

Now my Government call it misinformation when I speak out about it and want to close my website.

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The No.1 Wildcamper that can see what's happening in the world whilst most around him including friends are totally oblivious and brain dead to reality and total Mask Morons.

2 replies on “What were you doing in 2020 when the Great Covid psyops was being played out..?”

Isn’t it funny, that these covid lovers preach and preach how dangerous this virus is. Constantly banging on about it, ooooo cases are going up, oooo work will shut, everyone will get it. Shoving it in our faces, yet when I make a fully fact opinion against the Chinese virus, fuckk meeee it’s like I’ve just become the world’s biggest criminal.

Now social media… one fully fact true statement on covid and out of probably 20.5k comments mine gets filtered out and I get threatened with a ban and MIS-information.

Unfortunately Dave.. we are just going to have to pray more people start waking up but more fake news of a 100% working vaccine will keep them in a daze.

I don’t associate with covid idiots or mask wearers I can’t stand looking at a mask wearer nevermind actually speaking to them or spending time with them.

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