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Covid19 Vaccine, read as much info you can before you decide.

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The No.1 Wildcamper that can see what's happening in the world whilst most around him including friends are totally oblivious and brain dead to reality and total Mask Morons.

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The sad reality is, most people who refuse will have their hands tied by threatened of loosing their jobs, then their homes and their families with no where to go because they said NO to the vaccine. This will ultimately be a decision I will also have to make. Stanley woods with my crack pipe it is then.

I am literally preparing myself for this mentally at least. I live in my van have done for 2 years I don’t have home luxuries never needed them. I don’t pay council tax I’m not on the electoral register. Dont pay for energy. The adjustment to living in a big Forest would be easier than most. Money is the big issue, living without money is key, they intend to pay you a basic income with vaccine conditions attached. To refuse the vaccine would make you penniless. I’m ready for that. Regarding the future living in van I believe that is time limited to once diesel and petrol vehicles are phased out in the next 10 years. The road tax by mile Boris intends bringing in will mean tracking every vehicle with a tracker surveillance this is the reason why he wants to do this. When they lockdown cities they can make sure you arnt travelling outside your city.

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