High Cup Nick

Posted in High Cup Nick on September 20th, 2013 by David Murphy

On the 14th September I met Mr. Kilburn in a pub which of late has become a regular meet. This time would be a little different as a one time member to the fold would make a special guest appearance in the shape of Mr. Bates, not any relationship to Norman Bates, well he tells me anyway.
high cup nick

This time it would be the infamous HighCup Nick or Highcup fucken Nick as it has been called, on the doorstep of recent camps of Dufton Pike and Murton Pike.
I was in the Stag Inn at 15:00 and Paul “Killy” turned up early at 15:50 (which up till now had been the suprise of the trip until the whole night went by without a drop of alcohol across themuss’s lips) and Paul “themuss” it was around 17:00 we met him outside.
high cup nick
It was around 4 miles from our parking to the pitch location which would be right on the Nick, not Killys sweaty Nick but the one of highcup.
The weather was good no rain some sunshine and light winds, so Daveswildcamping kitchen was soon in full swing with liver and onions, bacon, mushrooms and whole tomatoes.
Sitting here knowing it was forecast gale force winds later I couldn’t imagine how this could be, surely the forecast had to be wrong. It was totally calm around 22:00 I was looking out past the sweaty Nick over to the Lake district and it was so peaceful at least till around 02:00 and things were a total contrast the winds were battering my poor akto which of late hasn’t been performing too well, the fly I think has stretched over the years and tensioning of the guys don’t do the job that’s need to stop the tent slopping around like a wet fish as themuss put it. So I have came up with a few Akto mods of my own to try and combat this and also be able to remove the inner to a seperate dry bag to benefit keeping it dry for when in more that one night of soaking weather and will give more room inside for packing away.
The video below serves another purpose for me and that’s to give a shout out to a great guy called Matt whom me and Kilburnicus think very fondly of.
Just as I was packing my rucksack around 10:50 on the morning before I set off a package came through the letterbox which I pushed into my pack to open on the wildcamp as I had a good idea what it was and from whom.
So you can watch the video below to see what this was.

Thanks to Mr. Kilburn and to Mr. Bates for finally get off his fat arse and come camping with the No. One myself and the No. Two best wildcampers the planet has ever had the pleasure of supporting.

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