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Wild Camp 26th June 2011 Alone on Hedgehope Hill in the Cheviots.

I set off on my one hour twenty minutes drive to a place called Langleeford and Harthope Burn a love valley in The Cheviots my sat nav took me on this track off the A697 to North Middleton which wasnt really suitable for my car, after coming to a grinding halt moving forward or backward was making a scraping noise underneath on investigation there was a boulder jamed between my exhaust and petrol tank not good.
Taking another turn brought me in this nice place after parking up I was on my way upto Hedgehope Hill where I would spend the night on the summit, a wrong path and half eaten by swarms of flies and covered in mud off boggy ground it was hard going under feet I reach the base of the hill.
The hill proved very steep but seemed to go on forever longer than I expected, on climbing The Cheviot years before from the steapest side this didnt appear any less tiring.
After another few sprays of my Insect repellent, this by now had wash off my sunscreen, I arrived at the summit to strong winds which were only really present where I wanted to pitch my tent.

“Just got to summit about 4.20pm, winds are so strong I’m hiding in the wind shelter dare not take my tent out of the backpack its that bad, this is not like me. I would say for certain this has to be the strongest I have witnessed this shelter is a godsend”. That was the comment on my live blog 🙂

I waited about and hour or two huddled amonst the rocky shelter where it was warm and wind free I made a brew of tea and had a tuna steak and sweetcorn and pondered. I decided to go for it pegging out my Akto I proceeded to slide through the pole and couldnt manage to clip it into the cup, seemed to be about 3 inches extra pole, I stuggled for a while on two occasions and gave up If I proceeded I think I would have ended up damaging the pole, back to another brew in the shelter to watch my poleless tent get lashed about, I gave this plenty of thought I really liked where I was pitched but had to bite the bullet and grab tight a hold of the guy wires unpeg the tent and take it about 30ft away on the east side of the shelter where the wind barely exsisted.
Tent up it was now about 9.30pm out came the Steak and stir-fry and another brew.
Soaking in the views I new the view of a nice sunset wouldnt happen for me, one there was low cloud over the horizon and two there was a huge hill called The Cheviot in front of me.
I retired to my sleeping bag around 11.30 I think, I tossed and turned a few hours which what I believe was zero sleep, I notice a few flashes of lightening on the coast south east of me this was 2.30am I sat there with the door open and watched it become lighter, I was out the tent by 3.30am taking some snaps, packed my tent away about 5am and was off to meet the flies whom were waiting for me in the hundreds buzzing around my head the whole way down to the car,  the route back was about a mile less and much easier going that the one a took up, you will be able to see this from the screenshots from my satmap.

Thanks for all of you that took part in posting comments on my live blog it was really good banter and I really enjoyed reading them it passed the night away well 🙂

Video will appears  soon. 


Hedgehop Hill Trig Point



Hedgehope Hill Route 3.05 miles

Struggling getting Pole In wish I’d left it till later.




It’s Up Haha


Yum Stir Fry


As Live as it gets taken 22.10


3am Cannot sleep am amazed at how light it is outside.


3.20am My view Outside The Tent


3.20am My view Outside The Tent


4.53am Worth Waiting For


5am my last am off 🙂


5.55am Cloud Inversion 🙂


Route Up Hedgehope Hill


Route Back from Hedgehope Hill

 Hedgehope Hill Video

Part One

Part Two

Coordinates: 55°28′19″N 2°05′25″W / 55.47195°N 2.09039°W / 55.47195; -2.09039

Hedgehope Hill
Hedgehope Hill is located in Northumberland
Hedgehope Hill

 Hedgehope Hill shown within Northumberland
OS grid reference NT9438619796
List of places: UK • England • Northumberland

Hedgehope Hill is a mountain in the Cheviot Hills of North Northumberland in North East England and categorised as a Hewitt.

At a height of 714 metres (2,343 ft) and a distance of about 3 miles (4.8 km) from the Scottish border, it is best climbed from Langleeford in the Harthorpe Valley, over which it looms. A slightly gentler climb, though a longer distance is from Linhope, approaching from the south east. An alternative route to the summit could involve a long days climb of both the Cheviot and Hedgehope Hill starting and finishing at Langleeford. It is a steep climb from any approach, best reserved for fitter walkers though the steepest inclines are not long in distance.

Hedgehope has steeper sides than the taller but flatter topped Cheviot and affords excellent views on all sides. On a clear day, views stretch to Blyth down the coastline up to 40 miles (60 km) away.

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Hiking in the Cheviots and WildCamping

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In 2008 I set off from Wooler in Northumberland for a Hike through the Cheviot’s and a planned wild camp alone after around 5 miles hike i believe i had to find somewhere to pitch my tent, this was my first try of my Hilleberg Akto.


Been my first time out Wildcamping by myself I was a little nervous when in the pitch black with only the sound of a river next to me, in the morning I hiked up the Cheviot great views on the way up but i thought I would save my battery power for some better photos from the summit, which I was met with a flat boggy top with no views very disappointing.


The Cheviot
The Cheviot from Broadhope Hill.jpg
The Cheviot, from Broadhope Hill
Elevation 815 m (2,674 ft)
Prominence 556 m (1,824 ft)
Parent peak Broad Law
Listing Marilyn, Hewitt, County Top, Nuttall
Location Cheviot Hills, England
OS grid NT909205
Topo map OS Landranger 74/75

The Cheviot is the highest summit in the Cheviot Hills in the far north of England, only 2 km from the Scottish border. It is the last major peak on the Pennine Way, if travelling from south to north, before the descent into Kirk Yetholm.

Other than the route via the Pennine Way, most routes up The Cheviot start from the Harthope Burn side to the northeast, which provides the nearest access by road. The summit is around 5 km from the road-end at Langleeford. There are routes following the ridges above either side of the valley, and a route that sticks to the valley floor until it climbs to the summit of The Cheviot from the head of the valley.

Although the Pennine Way itself does a two-mile out-and-back detour to the Cheviot, many walkers who come this way omit it, since the stage (the last) is 29 miles long.

The Pennine Way approaching the summit of The Cheviot

The summit of the Cheviot is very flat. It is an ancient, extinct volcano[citation needed]. It is covered with an extensive peat bog up to 2 m deep; the Northumberland National Park authority have laid down stone slabs on the main access footpath to prevent erosion damage to the peat and to make access to the summit safer for walkers.

North of the summit, in the peat bogs, are the remains of a crashed B-17 bomber, which hit the mountain due to a navigational error in World War II. The more recognisable pieces of wreckage have been removed, but pieces of the aircraft can still be found.

The landing gear of a B-17 bomber that crashed in World War II.


A smoke grenade found near the summit of The Cheviot. The area around the mountain is used for training by the British Army.

The view is obscured greatly by the flatness of the summit plateau. Nevertheless, on a clear day the following are visible (from west, clockwise); Broad Law, Moorfoot Hills, Pentland Hills, the Ochils, Lammermuir Hills, Lochnagar, Ros Hill, Long Crag, Urra Moor, Tosson Hill, Burnhope Seat, Cross Fell, Helvellyn, Scafell Pike, Skiddaw, Sighty Crag, Peel Fell, Queensberry.

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Coordinates: 55°28′42″N 2°08′44″W / 55.47823°N 2.14553°W / 55.47823; -2.14553

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