Extreme Wild Hammock Hang

Posted in Extreme Wild Hammock Hang on March 31st, 2013 by David Murphy


I arrived at our meeting point the travellers rest early as usual, so it was too the bar for my first.
Paul came approx 30 mins later it was now around 13:00 hrs.
A couple of hours spent drinking and catching up on matters we headed to the wildcamping location which would be one of 3 woods which I picked out in earlier videos.
Walking deeper into the woods we were amazed at seeing still a covering of snow still here as was seen in my prusik knots and tarp setup video.
I took alone my Clark Camo Nx-250 hammock and Vertex fly and Paul (Kilburnicus) his Dutch army Bivi and tarp.
No sooner we were putting final touches to our setups Paul (themuss) had arrived. Me and The muss had made arrangements the day before to meet here for him to see what he was missing and to have a bit of overdue crack, he wouldn’t be staying tonight on this occasion.

Paul helped us with the fire as he is always keen to look after his friends he prepared some kindling and a fire area for us.
After Paul’s departure it was time to crack open a can and sit by a raging hot fire we had bacon for a starter.


Me and Kilburnicus had quite abit of catching up to do as well which would take us into the early hours.

I started my cooking off first with a Lamb Casserole cooked on the fire with a new pan I had been buying the day before. I will let the video do the talking here as its hard to explain in writing.


Paul set away his new hexi stove which he purchased for £4 and cooked two minted lamb steaks and he was well chuffed by the performance of his new stove.
I only took my usual 4 cans with me and spilled practically a full can and came home with one in backpack, am not sure on killys intake but I can guarantee it was more than that.
Out came my stove to make a brew to drink whilst in my hammock but ended up drinking while we nattering well into the morning. My mobile was saying 04:30 the clocks were going forward on to BST that morning and I wasn’t sure that my phone had done this for me so was thinking it could be even 05:30. It was time to retire to our beds.
We were awaken about 09:00 with shotgun fire which carried on for a few hours I new then there was no more sleeping so it was a slapup breakfast cooked for two in my new pan, six rashers of bacon, mushrooms, pepperoni and six eggs.

There was no hurry to pack away so we hung around a few hours soaking up the occasion.
On leaving the woods someone else was interested in our activities as our vehicles had been reported to the law after explaining things and me forwarding on my website daveswildcamping.com they were happy and went on there way.
Thanks to my mate Paul themuss and to my friend Paul Kilburnicus for the great evening a one to go into my catalogue of memories that will follow me the rest of my life.
please watch my video below you can comment on the video on YouTube on my channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/daveswildcamping

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WildCamping In Woods

Posted in Some Woods on April 23rd, 2012 by David Murphy

On the 23rd April 2012 myself Daveswildcamping and Paul decided on a Wildcamp in some woods the location is top secret, Paul trying out his new battery power spit, me my new MTP Basha.
This blog if you didn’t no it yet you will by you watch my video that its totally dominated by the cooking of a big limp of meat.
I arrived at Pauls around 4pm and we headed to the butchers for a joint of his best silverside beef then went back to Pauls to finish off his packing, we eventally arrived at our location around 7pm after only 1mile of hiking into the woods, I setup my new basha as we were expecting some rain, the sky clouded over and cleared many times through the night. Paul began digging the pit for our fire that would cook our beef joint that would have our mouths watering for fours before we finally started to carve it open. We devoured it like a couple of canibals haha, I had some veggies and pototoes roasting in some foil which were slightly over done, Paul had some gravy which his mother had made earlier.
After slicing through half of the 2.5kg of beef we felt a little full.
The rest of the story is we had a bit crack drank a few cans then went to kip, we awoke about 7am after my usual poor sleep made worse by a stomach full of British Beef.


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Wild Camping In Forest

Posted in Camping in Forest on April 11th, 2012 by David Murphy


On the 12th April 2012 myself and two Pauls one in the shape of themuss and the other a surprise friend whom neither of us have met before Killburnicus decided to join us.
Paul ‘themuss’ picked me up around 6pm we arrived there in about 30 mins where Paul ‘kilburnicus’ was waiting we headed off into the forest we eventually decided on our camp after some debating and proceeded to make a pit for the fire that would cook our Salmon and rabbit.
Once the two main meals were on cooking we opened up some cans, Killy was already half way through his by we arrived to meet him lol.
Paul themuss had his usual spirits I had 4 cans of special brew, we talked well into early hours before deciding to climb into our bivvys and retire and killy into his poleless Hilleberg Akto poor man forgot his poles and ended up just wrapping the tent around himself, by this time the sky had cleared after some drizzle earlier my view of the night sky was very limited only managing a couple of stars due to the thick canopy above use.
Most of my time was spent lying awake listening to the sounds of the forest and themuss snoring, I eventually got up at 6am to relieve my bladder and take in the sights of the morning forest and its wildlife.


Our Camp

Salmon Cooking

Rabbit and Salmon

Had a great time with the two Pauls and was a pleasure meeting Kilburnicus for the first time and hopefully do some more camping with them soon, before we left we covered over the fire pit and collected all our rubbish and took it out with us and returned our campspot into the same state it was before we arrived as so we had never been there.

My video to follow is of poor quality as my mobile phone camera quality settings wasnt set to HD due to a recent hardware reset of the phone which was a disappointment on returning home.

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Bushcraft In Penshaw Woods

Posted in Penshaw Woods on March 21st, 2012 by David Murphy

On the 20th March myself and my mate Paul The Muss Wild Camped in some local Woods at Penshaw Co. Durham to practice and put to use some of Paul’s new-found skill and gear.

I felt like the pupil been taught by an up and coming master of bushcraft, we started with the fire which Paul lit first time with his fire steel and we proceed to cook as it was getting late,

we cracked open some cans of lager had a great laugh quite a bit of catching up to do, then we proceed to erect our shelters, my poncho went up first in a new configuration which I named the flat roof open side 🙂 not expecting rain again the poncho was put up just as practice for when the eventual comes.

 Scenes from Our Camp Above

 then out came the Terra Nova Jupiter bivvy, Paul trying his Dutch Bivvy for the first time and I quite liked it for space him being able to put in his larger than my backpack inside where I struggled with the jupiter, the Dutch Bivvy also has a different way of unzipping apart from side entry visibility is through the front via a window which mesh can be zipped over, the visbility on the jupiter I like in a different way front vision is reduced but you can see directly above behind and to the sides perfect and the mesh is almost invisible on a clear night and the breeze is very plentiful sometimes too much which there’s the option over partially covering with the outer waterproof skin. My second night spent in the bivvy and am liking it more each time just wish there was a bit more space width wise but I suppose you can’t have it all as the pack down size is very handy.

Above my Rather Burnt Titanium pan Which I put on the fire to boil some water to clean it out and forgot about it.


I had a great evening will be doing some more of wood camping with Paul soon from a secret location.

 Check out my video below

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