Warnscale Head Bothy & Fleetwith Pike

Posted in Warnscale Bothy on April 10th, 2011 by David Murphy

On the 15th Feb 2011 me and my mate Paul (read his account of our trip) set off from Buttermere in the Lake District heading up to Warnscale Head Bothy, this nice little bothy is barely visible until you are right on top of it.

On trying to find the Bothy Paul whom had been here before took me up the wrong face and left me on the side of the mountain whilst exploring further ahead, I looked another direction thinking this place is bloody hard to find, like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I was about to give this up as a bad job weather crap soaking wet and we didn’t have much daylight left to find the place, we decided to look up the other face and there it was what a relief. On approaching the bothy I was praying we were the only ones there with this idea.

Opening the door we were welcomed to a small room with three wide bunks down the walls, a fireplace and a visitors book to fill in.

Warnscale Head Bothy

Warnscale Head Bothy

Warnscale Head Bothy

We proceeded to light the fire with the mountain of sticks and firelogs we had carried up, to make it catch a little better I threw on a little petrol out of my dragonfly stove bottle, it became apparent almost immediately that this is going to be a smokey night we were almost overcome by smoke on many occasion and that was about to get worse when Paul fired his barbecue up inside as it was still raining outside and it didn’t help when I knocked it over and had to run out for air leaving Paul to pick up the hot embers.

We were getting rather settled by this time jackets and trousers off drying over the fire and boots melting in the fireplace literally, our steaks cooking on the barby, I could go on ages talking about this night as its rare getting a good soaking and being able to dry your duds over a fire a luxury you don’t normally have in a tent.

On leaving the bothy in the morning we hiked up to Fleetwith Pike Summit to some great rare weather and nice views, a good day had by both of us.

Fleetwith Pike Summit

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