Msr Dragonfly Fuel Leak

you can clearly see the fuel dripping from the control valve in the image above.

On my last Wildcamp on Great Gable it became apparent almost immediately there was a problem with my Msr Dragonfly the control valve appeared to be stiffer than normal so winding it down to simmer my 28 days matured Sirloin steak and lush liver N onions and bacon topped off with extra fine herbs, anyway getting back to the story of the stove.

Petrol leaking from the control valve isn’t good I still managed to cook my steak and make cups of tea with the help of my mate Chris’s milk lol but the problem was getting worse, so I decided tonight to strip the stove and see where the problem is.

There are two tiny rubber O-rings at the end of the Control valve shaft which need replacing, I have purchased the Expedition Service Kit as I need it repaired quickly but will be keeping an eye out for some correct size o-rings in much cheaper 0-ring kits.



This kit is not really worth the money because the tools oil and spare jet you get with the stove when you buy it and most of the o-rings are for the old style pump and don’t apply, so basically I have paid £26 for a flame spreader which I cannot see me needing as the original prob last a lifetime and a couple of rubber rings.

Well my stove is now fixed that’s the most important thing 🙂