Hilleberg Akto Footprint


My first test of the footprint was on Yarlside on the 17th April 2011 after trying it for size in my lab (kitchen) I decided to leave it permanently attached rather than using the neat little bag to carry it in.

The tent is no more difficult to erect or pack away with the footprint attached which is great, saves time especially in those gales and soaking wet evenings as am all familiar with, placing my rucksack on the footprint instead of the wet ground is a big bonus as I now have my Osprey raincover keeping it nice and dry.

Just kneeling down and sitting in the doorway is luxury compared to without it the 200g of weight is well worth it and the extra protection for the bedroom groundsheet its well worth the money when you think the Akto now cost £400 plus.

I also decided to take along my trusty delta pegs with having trouble with my pegs coming out of the ground during strong gales recently where I suffered quite a bit of water in my bedroom I thought I would pitch the tent in my lab to Investigate.