Satmap Active 10



As anyone will no whom having followed my wildcamping progress over the years will no from the beginning I have used a Satmap Active 10 which currently is rather battered, dim screen buttons ready to fall off etc. Regarding finding my way around with it I haven’t had any problems until my 5th October hike on Melmerby Fell. I am currently sitting in my car at a beautiful spot which helps me think clearly and gives me ideas in solving issues, as with all of my blogs they are typed out on my mobile phones notepad and emailed to my email account and later transferred over to my PC.

The image on left is a homemade gpx file uploaded to mapping software to create route, image on right is actual route taken from a saved gpx file on Satmap and uploaded to mapping software.

Possible reasons for the intermittently incorrect direction information on my Satmap on Melmerby Fell….
Don’t take this as Gospel as I haven’t looked into the workings of the Satmap to confirm this.
As I mentioned in my blog the Satmap uses an electronic compass which can be used as you would normally use a compass, but it is also used to turn the map around to point the way you are facing “whilst standing still” pending settings in the setting menu which can be changed.
But I also believe the satmap can gain its direction information from the satellite but only when moving, as the satellite can pin point your location when standing still but not your direction your facing until you start to move then I believe that the satmap changes from the compass for direction to satellite.
A similar scenario would be your car sat navigation, when you first fire up your sat nav the screen will show a red arrow indicating your cars position on the map the direction the arrow is pointing isn’t usually correct till the vehicle starts moving then it will change to the correct direction your pointing.
Back to the story, well I believe one of these was incorrect by quite a margin, the satellite possible incorrect due to unusual dense fog or the compass been incorrect by magnetic deviations possible surrounding area, magnetic rock or whatever, The Bermuda triangle of Melmerby Fell.
I usually get my direction from standing still which would come from the compass and then would start walking, (I notice Paul (Kilburnicus) starts walking and waits till it changes I have seen him do this) so when I proceeded to walk the satellite would kick in giving me another reading which was nothing like the original but at the time wasn’t paying close attention to the immediate change hence the walking around in circles scenario.
I hope this goes someway into explaining why I was repeatedly losing my way, but like I say I haven’t delved into how the satmap works its just my take on it. But what I do no is in the future I will be aware of this and not rely on that standing still compass reading.