Keen Newport H2 Review

Six weeks old although the Keen Newport H2 Sandals have never been off my feet in the six weeks I have owned them, does it seem worth the £75 I paid for them?
The good, is after worn in they a comfortable and you feel you can go anywhere in them, no wet socks to think about when taking wet boots off in your tent and still been wet the next morning to put your spare dry socks into.
The bad is, not long lasting and when they are worn in they will need more tightening on the cord to make a comfortable fit.

The shock cord tends to become quite long when tensioned after some weeks mine was about 7 inches long after tensioning.
I’m not sure at this time if the shock cord could infact be shorted over time to compensate for the extra stretch in the cord and the material of the sandal, I wouldn’t recommend buying the bigger size they do half sizes too and would recommend you try on a few sizes before deciding.

During many hill walks I did notice when my feet was wet with water and worse still mud plodging through bog and uneven ground that things become unstable and alot of moving side to side of my feet and I felt more tensioning was required and could feel a sense of more stress been put on the sandal straps due to the movement of my feet and new in time this would become a problem and my fears were realised. I’m just pleased I noticed the stitching at home and not 6 miles from civilization and having the nightmare of walking out bare feet. My sandals are under warranty and have already sent my request into Keen so we’ll see what happens.

Don’t let this review put you off these sandals to much as I really did like these and I have tested them pretty dam well and beyond the scope of your average lazy fat lard arse garden deckchair dweller, swigging beer with his feet up whilst watching tennis on his portable TV.