Salomon Cosmic 4D 2 GTX



What can I say about these boots, well on first trying them on in the shop I wanted them ( like when you see a sexy tart in a supermarket you immediately want her, right). as my previous experience with walking boots is blisters which spell pain and somehow I new these would be different.
I was originally put on to these boot by a review I seen on the gadget show with special guest Brian Blessed, as we all no Brian is a keen hiker with many long distant walks under his belt.
So who was I not to take his word for it. He mentions on the show how comfortable the boots were to other boots he had tried and he took to them like a steak on daveswildcamping stove I was immediately sold.
These boots have a lace locking feature on the cleats which grab the lace as you tighten it, this worked well but didn’t stop the bow in my lace keep coming undone at first, the material the laces were made of seemed to be stiff and so kept coming undone so found I had to tighten them extra tight and double. The grip on wet surfaces was poor on rocks and grass I thought compared to other boots i’ve had. This was to be the least of my worries, after a few hikes in lashing rain and walking up paths covered in water I began to feel the wet feet syndrome and what made this worse was the time the boot took to dry out. I would get home stuff newspaper in for days keep changing it as the moisture was absorbed into the paper and would have them up near my halagon heater on and off for days and they would still feel damp inside.
I sent an email to the shop I bought them from and they were keen on refunding my money, after around 9 months I was rid of these boots and have already ordered there replacements.
Review on them soon lets hope its good.

Check out my vid below for some scenes of the Salomon boots