Tarp Setup

Today I went out into woods to setup my new Clark Vertex Tarp which will be used only for my hammock. I had made a ridge line with paracord and decided I would run the ridgeline above the tarp as not to cause any friction damage and wear to the tarp over time.
– To tension the tarp I would use Prusik Knots on each side.
– I made four guylines from the line Hilleburg use on there tents and to tension these I would use prusik knots again, I find this a good idea to minimise on the amount of line needed to have max length.
– The line is attached to the deltapeg by bowline knot.
– I decided to try a couple of bungees on the centre to pull out the tarp, and then to try a different configuration make one of the sides near vertical by reducing the guy wires to around eight inches on one that side.


I got everything setup and was quite happy at my first attempt and decided to boil some water for tea to discover I had left my cup at home, so had to drink from the pan 🙁