Exped Downmat UL 7

When I purchased this September 2012 mat I tried it at home pumped it up and slept on it I was very pleased with it warmest and the most comfortable mat I have slept on very pleased with my £140 purchase. After one night camping in my bivy I ended up awakening to a flat mat so when I got home pumped it up and it stayed up for a few weeks I slept on it in the house and it didnt go down. So the next time I was to use it was my week trip to Cornwall and it started again leaking air and as I explain in the video below the bag split causing me to have to use my mouth to inflate the mat which isnt a good idea with these mats due to the downfill. expeddownmatbag After a very cold night I spent a full day looking on the internet on my phone trying to find a big outdoor shops (on my general route I would be travelling to next on my week tour down to Lands End) that would sell mats. I was miles away from any big cities in Cornwall ended up at Truro and managed to purchase a Neoair xLite. The mat ended up nearly spoiling my holiday extra time and miles, my schedule was interupted causing me to miss out on places I planned going to. I sent many emails to Exped, very annoyed they werent interested in that one of there mats had this problem and kept on saying return it to where a purchased it from and get an exhange mat which I didnt want, what a difference form the experience I had with Cascade Designs with my first Neoair. Some months later after I calmed down I thought I would look up the company which I had only used this once, they said send it back and we’ll replace it I replied I didnt want a replacement I wanted my money refunded they replied it was too late for a refund. So I replied forget it, but just today 7th March 2013 after 5 months this exped mat has been in my wildcamping junkbox I have been back intouch with them regarding a replacement as I believe this mat maybe a good option for my hammock and it wont come in contact with the ground eliminating any chance of punctures. Update to this I have now received a new mat thanks to Frank from Lyon Outdoor in Cumbria

Update again the second mat is now in the bin, mates dog ripped it like paper, it was sent back to company for repair they sent it back saying it couldn’t be fixed so it went in the bin.

In the above video I mention about the valve falling out the mat, well my girlfriend odered an exped pillow and this had the same inflate and deflate design and her pillow had to go back because one of these flimsy valves fell out of hers too. “Rubbish”.

The video below shows a guy who appears to have a problem with his exped UL7 mat and I believe this was the problem I was having with my first Exped UL7 yes I said FIRST…..

My final word on this blog post is that I have spend a lot of money on high tech Camping Mats over the years, close to £1000 and yes I’ve made mistakes along the way with my choice. Some people review gear on a first use, they cant wait to get there video review up saying how good something is, well as you will see from the start of the first revision of this post I was pleased with my new mat but oh by God that changed after using it a few times, I am out Wildcamping every week so my gear gets a real good test over the months. I am only out to show people my experiences and try and give advice on what is good and whats is not so good, but unfortunately due to my demands on my gear its usually the bad side I show in my reviews. This bad side is probably the reason no gear manufacturer has ever wanted anything to do with me over the years. But what you get is good honest opinions which most feedback I receive is they trust that.

Thanks for listening.