Osprey Argon

I can say now I have used this backpack for quite some months well impressed like I said in my video below taken on my fell head hike that im not even sure it fits me correctly due to the guy in the shop not knowing what he was doing, he moulded the belt in the oven that’s it, he said my back length was a medium but they didn’t have them in stock only the large and extra-large, so trying on the large the frame was digging into my shoulders badly yet the extra-large wasnt bu that would have put my back length well over, he couldn’t understand why this was happening only saying that the medium would have been even worse bringing the frame bars lower down.

What I like the most about the pack is the belt as it is very adjustable taking all weight off your shoulders onto your hips even with 55lbs in my pack I could still put my hands in a gap between my shoulders, by doing this though after a short times my hips start aching so I loosen the belt very slighty and then I can feel a little weight placed back on my shoulders and my hips recover again, by these adjustments throughout your hike I end up with no aches in my shoulders or hips at the end of the day.

The downside is lack of pockets and price I paid £230 for mine and im having a slight problem with the zipper on the top pocket depending how I close the zip sometimes it wont close and other times is fine.

All in all I recommend this pack 🙂 see my review on the Osprey Raincover