Thermarest Neoair

Thermarest Neoair

I have now used this inflatable mat no less than 5 times now on camps even in snow and can tell you I highly recommend them in fact I was thinking of buying a second for my partner instead of lumping around a double airbed for car camping which is poor in cooler condition we were awaking soaking with condensation and the air matris was wet possibly with the air freezing in the matris these problems are eliminated with the Neoair due to its spacing out the air into pocket and its insulating properties. It still amazes me even now every time I pack it away how small you can get it, sometimes I think I havent packed it in my pack its that small, the only downside to this mat is the price.

Latest on The NeoAir below, It has developed a fault called delamination which I describe on my Grasmoor Wildcamp video, its caused by the outer skin seperating from the inner layers creating a popping sound, this is covered under the Warranty so I will update this page with any progress.

Update on warranty.
I contacted the company responsible called Cascade Designs responsible for MSR and Thermarest and other products, they sent a courier to my home to pick up the mat and sent me another one in very quick time I cant say enough about how good my return experience was with this product, I have since bought the Neoair X-lite

Neoair First sign of Problem

Neoair how it looks now