Klymit Inertia X-Lite

Here’s the long awaited review on the Klymit Inertia X-lite and it isn’t good.
This mat isn’t much good for cold weather it folds up nice and small which for the extreme lightweight hiker/camper is great but for those who like there warmth and comfort it doesn’t quite cut it.

This review was not delayed because I have been using this mate frequently and testing it to its limits, no quite the opposite the Klymit Inertia X-lite has been banished to a box I call my wildcamping junkbox for the past year, BEST PLACE FOR THIS PILE OF SHITE. Used twice, once I recall on Pen y Ghent in a bivvy and a cold uncomfortable night on a campsite, no other memories I recall using.
As you can see from the video this mat isn’t a long term good reliability mat. The design of the mat using what looks like some sort of heat pressing procedure on both sides to form the baffles, this prodeedure is repeated throughout the whole mat so you could see this happening again soon. With the mat been very minimalistic you tend to want to get as much pressure inside it as you can to give a better comfort level hence the addition of the squeezy black bottle that comes with it. The mat will currently go flat in minutes with this little hole without any pressure on it so there’s so such thing as slow punchers with this mat.
I am currently in the process of repairing it as I’m gonna give it ago in my new Clark NX-250 hammock.
One last thing notice the Limited Lifetime Warranty stamped on the mat. It reminds me of the extremely loose term UNLIMITED broadband.

I have tried on various occasions to repair this garbage and with no success. There are times in your life when you feel you have been robbed and feel the money could have better been spent wiping your arse well this is it.


Thanks for reading my review call back now you here.