Steripen Classic

Well when I first purchased this I thought it was great and couldn’t understand why every hiking wasnt using them well now I no, when your doing a lot of wildcamping especially over more than one night you need a reliable form of water filtration system and this is not it, I thought as long as I remembered to bring batteries I’d be fine but how wrong I was.

I bought the Classic because the ease of finding AA batteries anywhere as the Steripen Adventure uses a rare square battery not always available in any shop. Mine has developed a fault which I don’t think im the only one to have this fault, there appears to be a connection inside maybe from the batteries to the circuit board or ultraviolet tube or maybe even a dry joint on the board itself whatever it is it would be hard to repair, like most things these days they are made so u cannot repair them not a screw insight, meaning I would have to break it apart and glue it back together not good when it needs to be waterproof.

I thought I had fixed the problem as in the video below but every time I go to use it I need to whack it hard very annoying.