Gelert Horizon 6

This tent needs no indroduction for me, bought the 2008 model (below) which was later exchanged for the more updated 2009 model back in 2008 after a pole became damaged they replaced the tent, later we purchased the add on Porch, and after splitting with the then girlfriend I forgot to leave with my Gelert Horizon 6 and its shiney new porch 🙁

Gelert Horizon 6 2008 Model Photo Taken On Holiday On the Isle Of Arran

Gelert Horizon 6 2011 Model

After 3 years and a few girlfriends later here I am again purchasing a Gelert Horizon 6 🙂 this says something about how much I like this tent, I am unsure at this time if there are any changes from the 2009 model to this 2011 version.
I have errected the tent in Daves Wild Camping Labs to inspect it for damage this isnt the first time I have errected I large tent in my kitchen anyone that knows me may remember the Gelert Ottawa 4 (below)I made a video of which turn out to be damaged quite a bit, checkout my video below for my thoughts.

My Damaged Ottawa 4 That Went Back

Gelert Horizon video Review below.