Cross Fell North Pennines WildCamp

Me and Paul Wildcamping on Cross Fell 18th June 2011

On the 18th June 2011 me and Paul (read his account of the trip here) set off for a Wild Camp on Cross Fell north Pennines. After I planned the parking location in a village called Kirkland and some arguments on which way to get there shortest distance and fastest time Paul insisted on his way as he was driving I agreed.
We arrived at Kirkland about one hour 30 mins driving.
The weather was occasional drizzle we set off hiking which turned out as 4 miles to the summit 2936ft to be exact by my satmap, we were greeted by the usual fog and low cloud, we proceeded straight to the trig point took a few photos and looked for a suitabe pitch, after walking about 100 ft away from the trig point we lost sight of it the fog was that thick.
We found a pitch basically anywhere flat as per usual as the views were well in the back of our mind a mear dream.
I started cooking my meal which was two tuna steaks with sweetcorn and some onion some mixed nuts and pasta, I didn’t enjoy it much as I realised I didn’t care for heated tuna yuk.
Booze time wasnt that good as usual as we didn’t have our usual stand and talk with the drizzle increasly becoming heavier we were prisoners in our tents very soon after we errected them, I had my usual poor sleep, morning came I herd Paul making some noise I said are you awake it was 5 am he said the fog is still thick outside I never even checked we had a bit more sleep then I awoke to screams of cloud inversion I got my boots on and straight out and we went to investgate different side of the hill and we seen something that’s eluded us up till now.

Keep an eye out for them and my vid over the next few days.
Thanks for all your comments which am very grateful for it makes this website worth the effort 🙂

Link to Cloud Inversion Photos

Me and Paul Just setting off.


At Cross Fell Summit Trig
Cross Fell Summit Trig Point

My Hilleberg Akto & Pauls Terra Nova Voyager Super Lite

My Hilleberg Akto &Pauls Terra Nova Voyager Super Lite

Our Route up Cross Fell

Me Relaxing

Me relaxing

Me and Paul and the Cloud Inversion

cloud inversion

Me admiring the view


cloud inversion

 Link to Cloud Inversion Photos

Cross Fell
Cross Fell seen from the Eden Valley
Elevation 893 m (2,930 ft)
Prominence 651 m (2,136 ft)
Parent peak Helvellyn
Listing Hewitt, Marilyn, Nuttall
Cross Fell is located in Cumbria
Cross Fell
Location of Cross Fell in Cumbria
Location North Pennines, England
OS grid NY687343
Coordinates 54°42′10″N 2°29′14″W / 54.70278°N 2.48722°W / 54.70278; -2.48722Coordinates: 54°42′10″N 2°29′14″W / 54.70278°N 2.48722°W / 54.70278; -2.48722
Topo map OS Landranger 91

Cross Fell is the highest point in the Pennine Hills of northern England and the highest point in England outside of the Lake District.

The summit, at 893 metres (2,930 ft), is a stony plateau, part of a 12.5 km (7.8 mi) long ridge running North West to South East, which also incorporates Little Dun Fell at 842 metres (2,762 ft) and Great Dun Fell at 849 metres (2,785 ft). The three adjoining fells form an escarpment that rises steeply above the Eden Valley on its south western side and drops off more gently on its north eastern side towards the South Tyne and Tees Valleys.

Cross Fell summit is crowned by a cross-shaped dry-stone shelter. On a clear day there are excellent views from the summit across the Eden Valley to the mountains of the Lake District. On the northern side of Cross Fell there are also fine views across the Solway Firth to the Southern Uplands of Scotland.

The fell is prone to dense hill fog and fierce winds. A shrieking noise induced by the Helm Wind is a characteristic of the locality.[note 1] It can be an inhospitable place for much of the year. In ancient times it was known as "Fiends Fell" and believed to be the haunt of evil spirits. It has been speculated that this last feature may be why the fell became known as Cross Fell ("cross" meaning "angry").[2][dead link]

Local geography

Cross Fell and the adjoining fells are mainly a bed of hard, carboniferous limestone. Where this bed surfaces, there are steep rock faces. There are also strata of shale and gritstone that surface on the fell. On the south and west facing slopes of Cross Fell the rock faces have been broken up by frost action to give a scree slope made up of large boulders. The local terrain shows obvious evidence of recent glaciation and is covered by thin soil and acidic peat.

The summit of Cross Fell with Great Dun Fell in the background. The object in the centre is a triangulation point

Cross Fell, Great Dun Fell and Little Dun Fell form a block of high terrain which is all over 800 metres (2,625 ft) in altitude. This is the largest block of high ground in England and tends to retain snow-cover longer than neighbouring areas. Snow can be found in gullies on the north side of Cross Fell as late as May in most years. In some years, lying snow has been known to persist until July and fresh snowfall in June (mid-summer in the Northern Hemisphere) is common.

Precipitation on Cross Fell averages around 280 centimetres (110 in) per year. Local flora includes a number of rare alpine plants such as the Starry Saxifrage and a mountain Forget-me-not.[3] Cross Fell is covered by what is known as "siliceous alpine and boreal grassland". It is the southernmost outlier of this vegetation type, which is common to highlands in Scotland and Scandinavia. It is a designated Special Area of Conservation (SAC). Local farmers are required to keep free-roaming sheep off the tops of the fells in order to avoid damaging the natural flora.[4]

Cross Fell is a conspicuous feature in the landscape. It dominates the skyline on almost the entire 20 miles (32 km) length of the A66 trunk road between Penrith and Stainmore. It can also be seen from Helvellyn summit in the Lake District and from high ground throughout Dumfriesshire and Northumberland.



  1. ^ The Helm Wind can be very strong where it is channelled down gullies in the side of the escarpment. It is experienced particularly in the villages of Milburn and Kirkland.[1]

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111 Responses to “Cross Fell North Pennines WildCamp”

  1. Chris sumner Says:

    Dave, you rolling with a steak tnite ?? Show the muss how it’s done with his brandy boil in the bag

  2. kilburnicus Says:

    You jammy gets.
    My turn next saturday,one weekend working,one saturday wildcamping.That’s my routine.
    Can’t wait.
    Gonna grab a coupla hours kip,before checking back to see how u r.
    By the way,at this moment,I’m actually eating 2 Basa fillets,with the vinigar from some pickles and a touch of tobbasco source,washed down by an ice cold chilled,glass of budweiser lager,absolute luxury.
    What u 2 hav’n?.
    Will be chec’n back for an update,later on.
    I am the one envying u,enjoy and take care

  3. kilburnicus Says:

    Still havn’t had my little nap yet,just wanted to say,I seem to remember visiting Cross Fell a few year ago.Things I remember;
    Hanging Gardens,turned out to be a farm house.
    Horses roaming,boggy ground.
    After that very distinct square stones with the odd marking as u get close to Cross fell.
    I got to Cross Felll,there was a circular wall which u could go inside and sit.
    It was foggy,couldn’t see any views.
    My memories vague,sure I have photo’s on a disk,somewhere..
    I’m sure that there was a coffin road.
    The odd tree,the ancient tracks,fill with water,reflecting the sky in wet weather,that road was,a beautiful,haunting place I seem to remember.
    Definately worth visiting.
    My next jaunt after that,was High cup Nick,quite Close to that.
    Worth a visit,I didn’t wildcamp,then.Just did the hikes.
    U’ll see pictures of High Cup Nick in books,just like Malham Cove,very distinct.

  4. David Murphy Says:

    Chris no steak just tuna steaks sweetcorn and pasta thrown in didn’t enjoy it I burnt most to pan threw most away 🙁 we are both having a drink sorry about the lack message signal is shite.

  5. David Murphy Says:

    You have really lived the dream killy, u will have to come on a Wildcamp with us one time am a poor sleeper as you know……I bet you could tell I goodnight story 😛

  6. David Murphy Says:

    These wildcamps are looking all too familar I may as well use the same fucken foggy pics on each , two tents on some grass surrounded by fog it could be any god dam where.

  7. kilburnicus Says:

    Well,it’s 2.42am
    Enjoyed that little sleep.
    Just checked u’r pics.
    Yep,it’s exactly how I remember it.
    Has’nt changed a bit.
    Love it
    Shit or shine,that’s my motto.
    I envy u both,being out there.
    I’d settle for fog,anything.
    It’s all,part of the adventure.
    My turn,next saturday.
    One weekend,working,the next Saturday,wildcamping.That’s what I live for.
    Well better,get some bait nocked up,then grab another hours kip.
    6 till 6,in 3 hours time.
    Bet u r snoring now,after reading this message,lol.
    Hope it clears in the morning and u get some amazing views.
    Take care

  8. Chris Sumner Says:

    Morning Wild campers, how did you get on with the sunrise ? or has THE CURSE OFF THE MUSS
    striked again, you will have to ditch him and go with Killy instead, that way you will be livin the dream everytime

    take care… the dream..i envy you and the Muss 😉

  9. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah boys we lived the dream big time this morning me and Paul seen a cloud inversion 🙂 😛 😮

  10. Chris Sumner Says:

    Jammy Bastards !!!!, i havent seen one yet, hope you got some good footage of it? what time did you get up to catch that ??

    livin the dream 🙂

  11. Chrissie Says:

    Hi Dave was on Cross Fell about a week ago myself as part of the Pennine Way. We (my dog and I) had a fantastic walk on a clear day over the Fell from Dufton, then pitched camp outside Greg’s Hut. Was a lovely evening until around 8:00pm when gale force winds blew up! Tent was totally secure, but the noise was getting to me, so we went into the bothy at around 2:00am to see if it was quieter. It wasn’t! The next day going down the corpse road it was wild and foggy though – very atmospheric.

  12. northender2006 Says:

    Good stuff guys, great pictures!

  13. John Says:

    Hi Dave it looks like the weathers broken town moor being here doesn’t help as it always rains when here I like the look of garlands kind of. Reminds me of the Cheviots. Like you though there’s nothing finer than a wild camp out to clear your head from the modern crap Dave I’d like to get a blog going so could use some help

  14. John Says:

    Lol this bloody iPod it should say yarlside keeps putting in different words lol

  15. David Murphy Says:

    Hi John,
    Yeah the Hoppings town moor attract the rain from miles around year after year just like Paul The Muss if you not sure who he is he is the baldy guy who tags along with me haha
    Yarlside yeah that was great weather then I was by myself then say no more.

  16. David Murphy Says:

    Hi northender,
    Thanks for your comment really appricated I have some more pics of the cloud inversion better quality I may post them on a seperate page linked to here.

  17. David Murphy Says:

    Hi Chris Paul looked out at 5 am and sure enough the fog was there then we went back to kip I was awoken about 6.30 by screams cloud inversion , cloud inversion I though yeah right Paul that sort of thing doesn’t happen to us.
    He wasn’t lying this time so we rushed out I ran one way about 300 yards to one edge and he went the other, there was nowt happening at my so we both soaked up the views at other side.

  18. David Murphy Says:

    Hi Chrissie,
    We never got the chance to have a look inside gregs hut due to running late over the rare accurance we came across when we awoke I managed to film some scenes from a distance on the way back down.
    The Pennine way…… I will get around to one day.

  19. John Says:

    Hi Dave we should be up for a wild camp next weekend up the Cheviots so would like to get a blog going it’s pretty good to show like minded people great places

  20. David Murphy Says:

    I haven’t got my other website going yet don’t seem to have the time I could of give you for quickness setup a Google blog spot or you could upload live pics and mesages to Twitter using a phone app.

  21. kilburnicus Says:

    R u sure this isn’t all just a dream.
    U R about to wake up in 5 minutes time in u’r tents to the real world and it’s still foggy outside.
    got in from work a little early,pc straight on.
    Hoping U got some views,was’nt dissapointed,so pleased,that just gives my day a lift.
    Absolutely brilliant.
    Looking forward to the footage.
    Now then chris summer dude,how ya doin.
    Have u remortgaged u’r house,to buy that groundsheet protector yet?.
    I envy U,dude.
    What amazes me Chris and u r a main instigator,is not just our passion for wildcamping,it’s the banter.
    How can that be?.
    I wish u well,Chris Summer dude,I really do.I’d love to try that rab microlight jacket of ur’s on too.
    It’s on my list of wants,I’ve done my research on that jacket,very wise choice.
    Even if I say so,myself.
    Coffin road,aaargh,corpse road.That’s what I was trying to remember.Thanks for reminding me Chrissie,how senile I am getting,in my old age.
    I walked straight along that track,without noticing a thing.Some time later I looked at the photos,couldn’t understand why I did that.
    It’s an amazingly different place,like a scene from a movie,absolutely stunning

  22. John Says:

    Hi Dave I will look into it further and let you know about site thanks for the offer we have only ever wild camped in the Cheviots we love it there as it doesn’t get crowded we sometime do 2 nights but as you well know it’s the weight lol after all you can never forget the beers

  23. Paul Says:

    Right you wildcamping idiots. I’m not cursed and I had my voodoo doll of the weather god with me and when I was just finishing my Brandy and Daves vodka I stabbed the bastard and it worked the spell lifted the cloud and left some lower down heheheheh Chris this was my first sight of a real time cloud inversion really worth the wait good luck in finding yours pmsl

  24. kilburnicus Says:

    Don’t even try and claim the victory.
    I’m The Blessed one.
    You lived the dream,this morning,
    I said a little prayer,as I was knocking my bait up for work,at 3am,this morning.
    So,don’t even go there.
    Just accept it.
    u’r cursed.
    I’m blessed.
    U’r cursed.
    Learn to live with it.

  25. David Murphy Says:

    No killy its no dream mate when we opened that tent at 6.30 it was like living the American dream 😉

  26. David Murphy Says:

    Hi John I have wild camped twice in the cheviots the first time was just off St. Cuthberts way I was seeing a lass with two sons a 17 year old and a 5 year old
    they carried there own tent and we found a lovely spot near a river.
    The second is alone its my first post on hear this one my first solo camp and the nerves show been alone miles from civilisation surviving on my limited knowledge at the time filming it was an experience too lol.
    In the summer the cheviots can been bad for midges take repellent with you and have fun.

  27. kilburnicus Says:

    Who woke U up.
    There’s a blog,been goin on here.
    Just in case U haddn’t noticed.

  28. David Murphy Says:

    Paul your mad why I go camping with you I don’t no haha at least there was a rewarding view at the end of this Wildcamp I believe that was my good weather god fighting with your storm demon and mine won out for once, and yes folks he drank his litre of brandy and took half my litre of vodka and coke and I ended up still having some to tip out in the morning that shows you how much of a drinker I am, a cup of tea any day for me 🙂

  29. David Murphy Says:

    Paul woke me, I don’t think I was sleeping anyway, I no there is a blog mate errrm hello….. its me Dave

  30. David Murphy Says:

    Hey Paul did you read the wiki info on here this bit am suprised we never seen a ghost lol

    The fell is prone to dense hill fog and fierce winds. A shrieking noise induced by the Helm Wind is a characteristic of the locality. [note 1] It can be an inhospitable place for much of the year. In ancient times it was known as “Fiends Fell” and believed to be the haunt of evil spirits. It has been speculated that this last feature may be why the fell became known as Cross Fell (“cross” meaning “angry”).

  31. David Murphy Says:

    I new you would pray for us killy when you said you were checking back bet you had alarm clock set to see if your prays were answered lol

  32. kilburnicus Says:

    My last tipple,was at loch etive,ill get some footage up later,next week,was;
    some Grouse Whisky.
    Never drank it before in my life.
    But I was in Scotland.
    It was gorgious,i must say.
    Not just talk’n about the weather,meant,the grouse whisky.
    Now then dave ow ye doin.

  33. kilburnicus Says:

    My short prayer worked.
    Enough said.
    Chuffed to bits for u both.
    I was fascinated by all that,last night,the helm Wind,evil spirits etc.
    It really does describe that place.
    The corpse road etc.
    Total class.
    It’s a bestselling novel,a movie just waiting to be made.

  34. Paul Says:

    Evil spirits fuck Dave why did you think the cloud fucked off when I was there am fucking lethal on brandy and vodka they ran away scared lol

  35. Paul Says:

    blogs is up have a gander you crazy wild campers

  36. David Murphy Says:

    Am not a drinker killy I used to go out a lot in my 20’s I stopped going to pubs about the same time I quit smoking the best thing I ever done as if I hadn’t I would have never quit as I used to smoke excessively when out drinking.
    Now I am 41 don’t drink (unless with Paul) don’t smoke and still struggle up the hills like a oldman.
    I have slept most of the afternoon away recovering from my sleepless night on cross fell, I have been trying differnt herbal sleeping aids out over the last week mainly for wildcamping so I could finally get a good nights sleep so eventually might want to stay a second and maybe a third night out in the wilds.
    I was saying to Paul on the way there I’m hoping to have my first nights sleep camping, I couldn’t find the tablets I was gutted ask Paul I was sick I thought I had packed them and lost them out my pack but found them on the floor in the house on my return.

  37. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah Paul I will look at your blog later mate I cannot remember commenting on the wild boar fell one, am off to mackies now lol.

  38. Paul Says:

    I just checked mate no comment left by u how disgraceful you not been checking my blog tut tut

  39. David Murphy Says:

    It won’t let me post on your blog from this phone mate when I select profile drop down box it doesn’t give me any options it must not be very smart phone compatible.
    You advertising your blog on my site mate I see lol

  40. Chris sumner Says:

    Tut tut muss advertising your blog on faces site !!! 

    Anything for extra views ey Dave ?

    Next he will be doing solo naked wild camps to gain some extra subscribers / or lose them 

    Killy, I’m still living the dream 200miles out to sea, should have brought my rab jacket out here it’s freezing !! You can pick them up online now for £110 (I paid £140 in ambleside)

    I’m thinking of a possible wild camp the week before my wedding
    I get home on the 28th and have about 14days before my wedding
    So might try and squeeze one in then, don’t know where? Don’t know when?
    Just an idea at the minute … Need to speak with the wife

  41. Chris sumner Says:

    Daves website it should have read, this f****g iPhone has a mind of it’s own

  42. David Murphy Says:

    Faces haha I have been called ducking worse lol

  43. David Murphy Says:

    That should have read fucking this HTC has a mind of its own .

  44. Chris sumner Says:

    When’s the ducking video being uploaded mate

  45. Alan G Says:

    hi dave did you and paul have a good wild camp or a wet one.when is your next wild camp and where A G

  46. David Murphy Says:

    It was ok Alan it would have been a typical soaked through clothes foggy wet hill if it wasnt for the clear morning and the great views, not sure on the next wildcamp if i’d be alone or with anyone and the location would be top secret of course haha

  47. David Murphy Says:

    Chris it will be a few ducking days I have even started on it yet.

  48. Paul Says:

    Mr Murphy I shall advertise freely anywhere just to get more views lol, I think you need to get that other site or add a bloody chat room to this site where we can all have a banter?

  49. ALAN Says:

    ok dave keep up the good work.look forward to the next video clips happy wild camping A G

  50. kilburnicus Says:

    £110,that’s good.
    Gonna be checki’n that out.
    Thankyou,Chris Summer dude,greatful for that.
    Just put a hol form in for thur,Fri and then weekend off.
    Don’t know where i’ll go like.
    2 ideas formulating in my mind,Wildcamp thur,home fri,wildcamp sat,home sun.Or return to scotty land,beautiful,too warm too many midgies,but stunningly amazing and epic place.
    Still scratching my head from the bites last weekThink i’ll return,in the winter.
    This debate has been goin on all day,in my mind.
    So,my wildcamp weekend is,this one;Sat 25/6/2011.
    Have to work,no way out of it;Sat 2/7/11
    Week after,late shift,wildcamp;Sat 9/7/11
    Well better go and do some vid editing,I suppose.
    It’s like pulling u’r nails off with a pair of pliers.
    Anyway,catch u later dudes.
    Great place to share thoughts,tips and ideas.
    Absolutely brilliant.
    Love it

  51. John Says:

    Hi dave Paul has a good suggestion there a chat room open maybes every Wednesday night 8Pm I hope we are up for a good weekend of weather there’s nothing finer than a great sun set

  52. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah Paul and john a chat room is a easy thing to setup I had them on sites I made before and know one bloody used them lol I may do one soon when I get this cross fell post finished and my vid done.

  53. David Murphy Says:

    Alan the vid will be a day or two away just been going through sum of the pics off this Wildcamp as am gonna be adding them to a cloud inversion gallery.

  54. David Murphy Says:

    I was thinking about doing a Wildcamp up Scotland this week but the weather is flakey at the moment I need more guarantee that I’m going to get good sunshine before I travel more distance than normal.

  55. Alan g Says:

    Hi dave looking forward to that one dave.hope you had your steak and mushroos to keep your strength up. A g

  56. Alan g Says:

    Me and John our gowing for a wild camp at the Cheviouts this weekend . We will let you know all about it next week happy wild camping a g

  57. John Says:

    Hi Alan I think we should give howgill a bash looks good but we need this bloody weather to improve also just been checking out Paula vids you are a lucky man being able to have your good lady accompany you on a wild camp out also that food you get I agree tastes great I also take some rice so it’s quite alright those wayfarer meals are a complete rip off nothing in them and they cost a fortune anyway keep up the good work

  58. kilburnicus Says:

    I’ve just spat my dummy out at work,got my hol form back,thursday accepted,friday rejected.
    I crumpled the form up and threw it on the desk,spat my dummy out big time.
    I am so annoyed.
    Still got sat and sunday.
    Dave,the bonus of crap weather in Scotty landy,is,no midgies.
    U and The Highlands r just,so meant for each other.
    U go there,magnify everything u’ve ever done before,by 10.
    I’d love to see that.
    It’s some playground.
    Anyway,back to the video editing,I hate it.
    It takes,forever.

  59. kilburnicus Says:

    Sorry,don’t know who,John is.
    sorry John.
    But,meeting up,live,to communicate with likeminded,individuals,sounds good.
    yep,good idea

  60. Paul Says:

    @ John hello there mate my othre half did start out with me hiking and wild camping but I got a mut to do it with as we together just couldnt get away as much as we both would have like (work comitments) so she hasn’t been a way for over a year now I think next week though am getting her out walking at least and hopefully gettting me away for 2 nights to do the Scafells and over to pillar

  61. David Murphy Says:

    Fucken hell killy that’s drastic the bastards why don’t you just explain about wildcamping am sure they will give you em lol better still point them to this they will understand, I hate vid editing wish I could hire a slave to do them I will just go out and camp and dump my camera on the table when I get back and say get that sorted lol.

  62. David Murphy Says:

    Are you videoing your trip to the cheviots ?

  63. David Murphy Says:

    Paula I mean Paul which do you prefer mate ? lol

  64. John Says:

    Hi Dave I quite fancy howgill fells I have a juicy red apple for those wild horses lol but we will see about video we have the old disc camcorders and rem how do you get them onto the pc lol I prefer cars to work on rather than computers lol anyway stalag lift 17 beckons catch you tonight

  65. Paul Says:

    funny enough mate my middle name is Alan so imagine that Paul A …….pmsl whats even benter than that is the fact I have a half sister named Paula I should have punched my dad all over when I was talking to him for suggesting the name Paul mother fucker why didn’t my Mam just put her foot down and call me The Muss pmsl

  66. David Murphy Says:

    Disc camcorder you mean cds, whats format do they record in? i used to have a old tape one massive thing and i had to use a caption card to convert the analogue to digital, if its a cd it will be already digital, i cannot say what you would need till i know more about it Paul.

  67. David Murphy Says:

    Would sooner travel to my wildcamps with a Paula than a Paul haha

  68. David Murphy Says:

    Heres my link to the Cloud Inversion Pics

  69. David Murphy Says:

    Am having trouble with the website the Captcha code isnt showing the images until i can sort this tomorrow at the earlest comments will have to be approved I cannot just disable it as i will end up with a list full of porn and viagra comments lol

  70. John Says:

    Hi Dave I thought you where having problems

  71. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah I will sort it soon mate.

  72. David Murphy Says:

    Just testing to see if this CAPTCHA code is working has got my goat most of the day 🙁

  73. John Says:

    Hi Dave yep it’s up and running anything to do with computers is very time consuming regarding filming Dave I have a Sony DVD recorder I bought a few years ago I was going to use it a festivals but kinda got tired of it lol so do you have any plans this weekend ? Also sorry Paul I don’t know where Paula came from lol Must be this bloody iPod lol I bet your looking forward to a camp out with your good lady its great wild camping but I bet with your partner it will be top draw

  74. Paul Says:

    @ John lol I been called worse lol. The other half doesn’t come now she keeps care of things back home with dog etc, was fun while it lasted lol

  75. David Murphy Says:

    It’s better with mates lol partners can be a right royal pain in the butt with there constant moaning, I wouldn’t mind John weather seems nice sat/sun don’t know about penshaw might have a cloud over there eh Paula 😉

  76. John Says:

    Hi lads we have had some good nights on Braydon cragg with stunning sun sets it’s also good watching the lights being turned on in various villages then you get the stars totally amazing nothing finer we have a camp out planned just hope we get a good clear night the let time we camped out for 2 nights last bank holiday in may we where battered by the wind which kinda spoilt it

  77. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah I been to cheviots a few times is that the hill with the plane debris on? cannot image there been any still there.

  78. John Says:

    Hi dave yes its that one good views from there to can see all along the coast and into scotland. Regards plane wreckage not much left now I was up there in the early eighties with my parents there was quite a bit all 4 engines but they are all gone I think ones on display in bamburgh and one went down to moldsworth where the plane came from

  79. David Murphy Says:

    I quite like this Shill Moor view its only 500 and summit metres i think but where else can you get a view like that at just this height and it looks grassy for a tent.

  80. John Says:

    Hi Dave top quality picture I had 21 years living around there. Totally amazing that’s why I love the Cheviots also its never crowded which is even better it’s also a good view from hedgehope walk up from hartside linhope

  81. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah howgill is the same mate you can go and your never pushed to acheive your goal just take your time you never see a soul usually just plonk your tent anywhere basically.

  82. John Says:

    Dave you saying you fancy Scotland there’s some top places to camp but for me work is an issue long days and also with family it’s hard to get away just really not enough free time

  83. Alan g Says:

    Good to see yor up and running. Ag

  84. Alan g Says:

    Hi John dave pual I will have to have a look at paul vids I herd that they or good a g

  85. Paul Says:

    yea they have a bit of swearing in so watch with caution so advisory when wacthing my vids enjoy my last 1 at cross fell was shit quality but thats cause I forgot my camera 🙁 bloody rushing about as usual

  86. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah John, Looking forward to doing some legal wildcamping in scotland one day.

  87. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah they aré good Alan because i am in most of em 🙂

  88. David Murphy Says:

    Paul you advertising your url again i see good job i no you or i might think your spamming haha 🙂

  89. Paul Says:

    lol I call it free advertisment mates rate (free) lol

  90. David Murphy Says:

    I no you will pay for fuck all haha

  91. John Says:

    Hi Dave Paul just getting packed for a wild camp on cheviot tomorrow it’s a toss up between bellyside crag ,auchope cairn, or west hill i will have a bash at doing a video

  92. David Murphy Says:

    Hi John mate, I’m planning Sunday I will be videoing mine I might bump into you ohh I’m letting the secret out 🙂

  93. John Says:

    Hi Dave lol If your going where I think your going you will enjoy it shame we are only going for one night or our paths could have crossed I am a bit of a gin and tonic man never really tried vodka but then again I am not really a drink Alan he’s the scrumpy jack man lol

  94. David Murphy Says:

    Am not going to that hill you think you will just have to wait for the live blog Sunday early evening.

  95. John Says:

    Morning lads well we are off Cheviots here we come happy camping

  96. Paul Says:

    Enjoy it lads Murphy and his top secrets lol am getting u sectioned

  97. chris sumner Says:

    I feeling depressed reading these comments about everyone going wild camping this weekend 🙁

    saying that im home on tuesday (mid day) so will try and squeeze something in before the wedding

    my ruck sack has been packed from the last one on Great Gable Dave, always keep it packed..cus you never know 🙂

    guess i will just have to read the live blog all night again….im missing too many of these trips !!

  98. chris sumner Says:

    Forgot to mention Dave,

    I’m loving that 360 Degree shot of scafell pike, what did you use to take the picture ??

  99. David Murphy Says:

    Have a good trip john hope the weather is good to you 🙂

  100. David Murphy Says:

    And Paul stop been Jealous its not good for you 🙂

  101. David Murphy Says:

    Chris don’t be depressed you can stay home with Paul and read my live blog, infact why don’t you two meet up get some popcorn in and sit around the pc and wait the photos roll in.

  102. David Murphy Says:

    Chris the photo was took on my old cannon G7 the quality had to be reduced loads for the web, had it a good few years it took just about all the videos on my YouTube including the Disney land stuff in 2007 to my first wildcamp alone in the cheviots in 2008.
    The camera took its last stuff on my expedition to Pillar, it got its usual soaking it didn’t turn on when I got home it never worked again.

  103. Paul Says:

    I am off for a wildcamp to the scafell range was hoping for the beginging of the week but am making sure I have nice weather before I comit to it and I will have views and sun or its simple am not going lol dummy it out and this fucking curse is getting lifted am going to charge my big camera up ready lol (looks like am not going camping if am waiting for good weather)

  104. David Murphy Says:

    When you going like hope your not leaving me behind 🙁

  105. Paul Says:

    its top secret but I’ll take you if you say nowt pmsl shit I told everyone already aww fuck it I’ll let you know when 😉

  106. David Murphy Says:

    Why arnt you posting on the pre next Wildcamp thread it won’t show on the posts on the left but you should have a direct link to it in your email anything related to this next top secret wild camp will go there I won’t delete it when the next live blog appears I will link it to it.

  107. John Says:

    Hello lads just got back after a really good camp weather was ok down at Hethpool but as soon as we started to climb the low cloud was there we camped at auchope cairn then the mist and low cloud set it we got set up tents up the Tucker time the time was around 7.30 but with good chat a few ciders and gin and tonics we turned in a nearly 1am amazing how time flies when you enjoy yourself so Dave the weathers turned great now so happy camping Dave also Paul I hope you get your good lady away on your trip anyway down to the nitty gritty cleaning all the equipment the part I hate catch you all later

  108. Alan g Says:

    Hi just got back cracking time had by all happy wild camping ag

  109. Alan g Says:

    Hi John have you seen my spoon ha ha ag

  110. John Says:

    Hi Alan the last time I seen your spoon David Banner had it lol

  111. David Murphy Says:

    Whats with the spoon thing ? lol