Wild Boar Fell Yorkshire Dales

On the 4th June 2011 me and Paul left to do a Wildcamp on Wild Boar Fell in the Yorkshire Dales, I left my car at Pauls at 3pm to jump into his and we arrived approximately 5.30pm. We both agreed the weather wasnt about to change in the time we were here low cloud and fog covered the summit we hoped on a break in the fog which didnt come apart from brief glimpses of the ground below us.


After pitching our tents near the end of Wild Boar fell named The Nab we talked till about 12.30am in a wind chill of around -2 degrees whilst gulping down our booze which Paul always Insists on me bringing, this time it was white rum and coke. Morning came we were up early as Paul needed to be back home I lay awake all night as usual whilst he slept like a baby and boy did he rub it in. No sign of any sunrise as per usual we packed up our damp tents and off we went, a good time was had, plenty of laughs even though the weather was crap.


Me and Paul on Wild Bore Fell camped near the nab.

My Akto and Pauls Terra Nova Voyager Superlite

Tuna Steak and Sweetcorn yum.

Just reached the Summit of Wild Boar Fell

Wild Boar Fell Summit

Me and Paul at trig point

Wild Boar Fell Summit

Another Wild Boar Trig Point Shot

Wild Boar Fell Summit Trig Point

Knocking Back The Booze

Drink on Wild Boar Fell Summit


Above the Start Point on the left and right our Wildcamp Location

Wild Boar Fell
Wildboar pic.jpg
The summit trig point
Elevation 708 m (2,323 ft)
Prominence 344 m (1,129 ft)
Parent peak Cross Fell
Listing Marilyn, Hewitt, Nuttall
Location North Yorkshire/Cumbria, England
Range Pennines
OS grid SD757988
Topo map OS Landranger 98

Wild Boar Fell is a mountain (or more accurately a fell) in Mallerstang on the eastern edge of Cumbria, England. At 708 metres (2,323 ft), it is either the 4th highest fell in the Yorkshire Dales or the 5th, whether counting nearby High Seat (709 m) or not. (In fact neither of these are, at present, in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, although there are plans to extend its boundaries in the near future to include Mallerstang). The nearest high point is Swarth Fell which is a mile-long (1.5 km) ridge to the south, at grid reference SD754965. To the east, on the opposite side of the narrow dale, are High Seat and Hugh Seat.


The fell gets its name from the wild boar which inhabited the area over 500 years ago.[1] But it is unusual, for this area of Viking settlement, that its old Norse name seems to have disappeared, whereas the names of many of its features, such as The Nab, Dolphinsty, etc., retain their Norse origin.

In earlier times, probably up to the mid nineteenth century, the Millstone Grit, or gritstone, which forms the flat top of the fell, was used for making millstones. Some partly formed millstones can be seen on the eastern flank of the fell - and also on the corresponding western flank of Mallerstang Edge on the opposite side of the dale. Sand (composed of Millstone Grit) from the beach of Sand Tarn was used by local people to sharpen knives and scythes; they made "strickles" by sticking the sand to wooden blocks with tar.

A tusk, claimed to be of "the last wild boar caught on the fell", is kept in Kirkby Stephen parish church.

During World War II Wild Boar Fell was sometimes used for training tank crews from the army base at Warcop in the handling of tanks in difficult terrain.


Wild Boar Fell is a dramatic sight and a landmark for many miles around. Approached from the north it gives the misleading impression that it is a peak (see photo, above left). But from the south of the dale at Aisgill its true profile is seen, not dissimilar to Ingleborough, with steep sides and a flat top (consisting of a cap of millstone grit).

The classic route for walking up Wild Boar is via the bridle way from Hazelgill Farm, ascending west to High Dophinsty before following Scriddles ridge top to Blackbed Scar. Once there you are on Wild Boar Fell's table top plateau, a rather boggy expanse. The summit is marked by a trig point and Sand Tarn is about 300 m (1,000 ft) to the west, just below the summit.

The views from the top make a spectacular panorama. The Howgills, Pennines, the Lake district fells, the Yorkshire Three Peaks can all be seen and, on a clear day, there is even a glimpse of the sea at Morecambe Bay.

A common feature of many Pennine dales and Lake District fells are the groups of cairns on the high ground. There is a fine cluster of "stone men" on The Nab of Wild Boar Fell - and a smaller group on subsidiary peak, Little Fell (559 m, 1834 ft) at grid reference NY766008, 2 km to the north. There seems little agreement on when, why, or by which people such cairns were built. (One common suggestion, that they were built by shepherds as markers for paths, may explain some of the cruder "piles of stones"; but groups like those on The Nab surely need a more convincing explanation).

Wild Boar Fell, seen from Mallerstang in June, with wild flowers in the hay meadows  
The table top profile of Wild Boar Fell, from Aisgill  
The Nab, Wild Boar Fell  
Cairns on The Nab, Wild Boar Fell  
A panoramic shot along the eastern escarpment; Ann Bowker


  1. ^ A. Wainwright, Wainwright in the Limestone Dales, Guild Publishing, 1991 (page 12-16)

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Coordinates: 54°23′03″N 2°22′27″W / 54.38411°N 2.37412°W / 54.38411; -2.37412

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72 Responses to “Wild Boar Fell Yorkshire Dales”

  1. Chris sumner Says:

    Get that live blog going !!!!!

  2. ant Says:

    cant wait for the blog

  3. David Murphy Says:

    Well mate and bro I’m here sit back and enjoy your evening viewing my blog don’t freak out to much.

  4. David Murphy Says:

    Weather is fucken freezing breezy and the usual fog no view at all why the fuck do I do this shit haha

  5. terrybnd Says:

    No sunshine??!! I left Peaks today with clear skies and sun

  6. David Murphy Says:

    This Paul sure brings the crap weather with him I hate him Terry lol

  7. Chris sumner Says:

    Curse Of the muss strikes again !!!!

  8. Chris sumner Says:

    I’m gutted mate, sat here in my front room twiddling my thumbs
    Thinking of you two Jammy bastards up there !!!
    Hope the weather clears up for in the morning boys

    …. Enjoy

  9. terrybnd Says:

    LOL I only told Paul other day I reckon you’d get good weather. He is cursed! LOL

  10. David Murphy Says:

    Chris you had your chance but you would go and get married.

  11. David Murphy Says:

    It serious terry I need another camping partner but you keep backing out.

  12. Chris sumner Says:

    I can almost smell the steak !!! 

    I will get another chance after the wedding mate

    When things have calmed down a bit

    Is Paul not steaming yet ?

  13. Chris sumner Says:

    Haha I don’t know about Paul being steaming

    Dave you look fuc**ed 

  14. terrybnd Says:

    Ahhh tuna steak! 🙂

  15. kilburnicus Says:

    It was a beautiful scorching morning,the Muss heads off in his tent and ruins the weather.
    Can you kindly ask himl to refrain from camping,later next week,as I’m off to Scotland for a wildcamp and wouldn’t mind some glorious weather.

  16. David Murphy Says:

    I am knackered Chris Paul left me standing on the fitness all the walking with his dog on the sly am sure he’s been working out in the gym with kilburnicus 😉 yeah Terry the rump/serloin steaks days are number I really enjoyed my change and will certainly be trying them again mate, and killy I will tell him to keep the fuck out of Scotland for ya.

  17. kilburnicus Says:

    Cheers dude,much appreciated,lol.

  18. Chris sumner Says:

    Did you manage to get a sunrise ?

  19. David Murphy Says:

    Nah Chris the fog never lifted we got the odd glimpse of the ground below very disapointing but we new what to expect before we left.

  20. Paul Says:

    I have feelings you know :-). Am not cursed I just pick the days when the sun pisses off lol. really enjoyed it. It was just what the Doctor ordered can’t wait for my next trip of shit weather wild camping pmsl

  21. David Murphy Says:

    Just what the doctor ordered I have my usual frost bite on my face wind chill of minus 2 in June 🙂 from 25 c yesterday.

  22. Chris sumner Says:

    Oh well better luck next time, to be honest mate I would have took fog just as long as I could have come along, like paul said .. Just what the doctor ordered would have gone down a treat

    Linking forward to the official vid

    And the official vid of Paul and his good friend kilburnicus
    Sweating it out in the gym in their spandex !! PMSL

  23. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah I can just picture it haha

  24. kilburnicus Says:

    Just gonna try and cheer The Cursed Muss up now.
    How mate,it’s not the weather,or where u go.
    It’s who u go with.
    that’s what matters dude.
    Just don’t expect me to pop along,for a dose of frostbite.
    I still have all my fingers and toes.
    Take care.
    I respect u all.

  25. kilburnicus Says:

    Just returned from work
    Off for a week now.
    Just wanted to say,: u r all a beacon of light in the darkness,to someone like me.
    I know who u all r and follow what u all do.
    Bit gutted like.just checked my amazon tracking and my Akto and free ground protector havn’t even shipped yet,might not turn up till 11/6/11.
    My voyager has a split seam from last weekend.
    Still gonna get a laser comp 1 Chris,but next year now.
    Didn’t do Reinhold Messener any harm?,lol.
    He is no1,nobody will beat him,ever,a one off.
    Anyway,living the dream.
    Take care

  26. Paul Says:

    Next wild camp is to be had on a saturday only when the winds are at 80+mph no less I need to test my vango hurricane out oh and my wind machine. Dave lets not imagine me in spandex or any other gay clothing please lol. I wouldn’t hold out for my video not got much footage but I didn’t set out to take any really I just needed the peace from life and got it with crazy Murphy lol

    1 more thing Dave I’m shattered but only because we stopped up late and had to get up early cause I had the best night sleep in that sleeping bag ever and what hours did you sleep pmsl hahaha

  27. David Murphy Says:

    I don’t think I have had any but made up for since I got home slept the afternoon away, yeah I am fancying that location where I mentioned in the email next top secret of cause

  28. Paul Says:

    and you got my mail back you sick twat

  29. David Murphy Says:

    Thought you were going to kip, I wasnt talking about that mail I ment the map i sent lol

  30. Paul Says:

    yea I sent you a map back with 2 locations marked on 1 being yours and another top secret location lol

  31. David Murphy Says:

    Are YeH I remember burger hill not sure I fancy it seems like a killer lol

  32. David Murphy Says:

    Chris so your “laser comp” is now a laser sweet mate you will need that extra strength if your camping with these boys haha

  33. Chris sumner Says:

    It looks like it mate, I don’t mind a few extra grams as long as my tent doesn’t snap
    Everytime I take it out

  34. kilburnicus Says:

    Sorry to dissapoint you.
    Sorry,strictly yoke side up,dudes.Aaghh,starting to click on.
    Thought there was something strange
    Strictly,yoke side up.
    Strictly hetrosectual.
    Nearly puked when I watched,Brokeback Mountain,
    very traumatic.
    Nearly put me off wildcamping for good.
    had terrible nightmares after.
    I now sleep with a sharp knife in my sleeping bag,just in case.
    So,be warned.

  35. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah mate same here I want to travel lite but don’t want to buy super light and comp tents I will just find other ways to reduce my load like a 400g steak instead of a 500g.

  36. David Murphy Says:

    Broke back mountain that’s one film I have never fancied I new it was about shirt lifters and couldnt push myself to watch it mate.

  37. Paul Says:

    @Kilburnicus not sure what you mean, yoke side up? your not thinking we are gay mate lol

  38. kilburnicus Says:

    Don’t even go there,lol.
    Just funn’n dude.
    My Akto and free groundsheet have turned up.
    I’m very excited,just opened the box.
    Can’t wait to put it up,gonna wait till Thursday.
    Preparing and laying all my gear out now,in anticipation.
    Will have a coupla days at Solway chill’n,barbi etc,visiting Caerlavock Castle,kicking around the mud flats,stuff like that.Check’n the new tent out.
    Then will wildcamp somewhere near Black Mountain,Rannock Moor way,something like that.
    Still no sign of these Delta Pegs though,so will probably stick to lower ground.
    Take care.

  39. David Murphy Says:

    Good luck with the akto mate I envy the trip have fun 🙂

  40. David Murphy Says:

    I wouldnt worry about the pegs that come with the akto there good enough mate unless you are in extreme winds on an exposed hill, and knowing you the weather be fine.

  41. kilburnicus Says:

    Cheers David,havn’t opened the bags,
    Gonna take my time with that moment.
    Chris said about u’r tent,that it was in the detail.
    I’ve only looked at the tent bag and the bag of the groundsheet protecter.
    If everything matches that,already well impressed.
    No cheap stickers or decals here,just proper high quality needlework,oozing quality,already.
    Take care

  42. kilburnicus Says:

    By the way,as it looks like it’s coming to the end of this blog.
    Just wanted to say.
    Enjoyed the banter.
    Great fun.
    I know i’ve harped on about this before.
    Just one more time.
    Wildcampers r a very rare breed.
    We all have more in common,than we think.
    Take care.
    Living the dream.
    for now

  43. David Murphy Says:

    The footprint you can leave attached all the time I do saves time when errecting tent in stormy weather its a good addition keeps the bottom look new and keeps your backpack in the porch off the wet bottom and also reduces condensation.
    take note how the tent is packed away before you unpack it that way it will give you a better understanding of how to fold it away better.
    When errecting tent make sure you slacken off strap each time where the pole cup is it makes it easier to get the pole into the cup and puts less stress on the pole trying to get it in, then draw it tight.

  44. kilburnicus Says:

    Thankyou David
    For u’r time and u’r kindness.
    The closest I’ve een to an Akto was at Gunnerside,earlier this year.
    It was across the valley.
    Reckon it was the Northumbrian Backpackers association.
    If u look at their recent trips,they were there,when i was.
    One of them has an Akto.
    u’ll see,from the pics.
    Much appresiated.
    What do u do when u get it home?
    bye for now

  45. David Murphy Says:

    I hang mine from the ceiling to dry out.

  46. Chris sumner Says:

    I think looking at daves I would have definitely
    Gone for the akto rather than the laser comp OR laser as
    It will be after the free upgrades/repairs 

    Might see if I can find one going cheap on eBay at the end of the year

    Well not cheap but have some change from £400

    So then I can spend my change on ….. Yep you have guessed it…. STEAK

  47. David Murphy Says:

    hey you havent time to post on here no wonder oil prices are so bloody high, I can hardly afford to run my msr dragonfly get back to work and drill 🙂

  48. Chris sumner Says:

    You best had be nice to me dave otherwise I will push above
    £2 a litre

  49. kilburnicus Says:

    Chris ,respect,u’r last
    blog dude.
    Total resoect.
    These debates go on in ur mind.
    I’ve been through it.
    But then the truth slaps u across the face,did to me.
    Totally moved by u’r last update here.
    Total honesty.
    I respect that,
    Chris Summer.

  50. Chris sumner Says:

    Respect to all my dudes for living the dream

    …the dream continues

  51. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah dream on lol

  52. kilburnicus Says:

    If I was as savvy as u all obviously r,I’d be there snapp’n the gear up.
    Must have a look at that when I get back.
    Gonna christen the Akto at caerlevock castle this weekend.
    I expect to be wearing a white collar and traditional,man of t he church,excorcist outfit,plus sunglasses of course.
    Hopefully,that plan will become real soon,we’ll see.
    I always expect to get my own way,when it comes to the church
    If it happens,it’ll be get’n uploaded,should be a hoot.
    Take care
    Liv’n Th Dre’m.
    Hope u find a real bargain on u tube,Chris.
    My voyager got damaged last weekend,7 iinch split in one of the seams.
    That’s alll part of the adventure.
    Amazing fun.
    Just the best.

  53. David Murphy Says:

    Live the dream on eBay 🙂

  54. Chris sumner Says:

    I don’t know about living if my soon to be wife catches me on eBay again !!

    Just looking at the laser comp ground sheet dave and wondering if like yours it covers the porch area and can be put on permanently ?

  55. David Murphy Says:

    Hopefully mate it adds a bit of luxary been able to kneel in your tent without getting wet.

  56. Chris sumner Says:

    Ha just checked it’s the superlite groundsheet protector

    Cost £230 !!!!!!

    F**k that I would rather have wet knees

    £70 more and that’s the cost of the pissing tent

    I don’t k ow who they are trying to rob with that one

  57. David Murphy Says:

    Jesus mine was £40 and I thought that was bad enough I even had a go at making my own waisted about £15 on the stuff but couldn’t get the exact dimentions I needed.

  58. Chris sumner Says:

    The shit thing is, the normal protector is £40 which just covers the bath tub sheet itself

    So why is it so expensive for the other half of the tent !!

    God dam, I never new half the tent size in material would cost just short of £200

    Doesn’t make sense

    I will send terra nova an email and ask why it’s so expensive

  59. David Murphy Says:

    More reason I wouldn’t buy one I hate companies that literally take your actual eye balls out and come back for the sockets .

  60. Chris sumner Says:

    If I decided to buy it.. It would have been cheaper buying a akto
    And a ground sheet and have enough money for stteeaakkksss

  61. David Murphy Says:

    Mate you will have to settle for frying steak instead of rump or serloin.

  62. kilburnicus Says:

    Thanks for u’r email Chris.
    My ground sheet protector cost,
    wait for it;
    0 pence.
    I think,
    wait for it;
    0 pence,
    is not too bad a bargain.
    And it has a proper,high quality stitched badge,visible at the entrance
    My 4 grey delta pegs,which I am very happy with,cost I think about 99 pence each.
    Pleased with that price n all.
    They don’t weigh anything and r a great addition.
    They really do grip.
    Just got back from Lock Etive area in Scotland,just checked footage,bit dissapointed with the footage,enjoyed playing with The Akto though.Could go on forever about The Akto,could literally talk for hours about it,now I’ve actually camped in it.
    The highlight of my trip,apart from playing with my new tent,was early this morning,getting within a few feet of 4 deer,in a Glen,antlers n all and that footage has turned out ok.
    No complaints about the weather.
    Lovely,warm,not even a breeze.
    One of us,is Cursed.
    One of us,is Blessed.
    Gears all over the floor now.
    Knackered,need a good shower

  63. David Murphy Says:

    I envy you killy I’m looking into a few places to go next somewhere different.

  64. kilburnicus Says:

    That,always kinda preoccupies my thoughts,Where next.
    Know what I think,it doesn’t always have to be a big f–k off hill.
    I am looking at my maps,but looking for different features.
    What type of location,havn’t I done before?.
    My most memorable camp,last year was at White Sands,in Scotland.
    Camped in sand dunes,NW Scotland.
    Stunningly beautiful.
    Never done that before.
    Therefore,memorable,for too many reaons,to go into here.
    I am a bit of an opininiated loudmouth,when it comes to wildcamping,I appologise for that.
    If I have ever upset anyone,it was never meant,please believe me.
    It’s a passion,it’s in my blood.
    I love wildcamping.
    That’s our common ground.
    Don’t seem to be a lot of us about.
    Take care,dudes.
    Wishing u all well.

  65. kilburnicus Says:

    Dave dude
    Just wanted to say
    I envy and respect what u do and who u r.
    Hoping u’r adventures will continue.
    I know they will.
    I look forward to them,as always.
    They always inspire me,to get out there
    Take care,

  66. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah mate I will continue doing camping till am not able anymore its my ideal holiday. Screw your hotels and caravans I sold a 27ft 3 year old tourer and bought a tent. All my life my parents took me away every year from been in my double cot months old with my twin sister.
    It was only a matter of time I got back into it, and with the ever increasing cost of campsites and drunks shouting and fighting on the sites what I always seem to see when on a campsite.
    Wildcamping is cheaper better views and you can pitch where you like instead of been showed where to pitch, It’s peaceful and one hell of an experience.

  67. twigs Says:

    I blame your wank tents for the bad weather. : )

  68. David Murphy Says:

    Paul tent 🙂

  69. kilburnicus Says:

    Totally agree,dave.
    I’ve seen that n all.
    lightyears in front of all that.
    The dream,continues

  70. Chris sumner Says:

    Long live the dream

  71. David Murphy Says:

    Do u believe in the power of dreams……?

  72. kilburnicus Says:

    I believe,in destiny.
    What will be,will be.
    Think these deep thoughts,tomorrow,when u look up to a canopy of stars.
    Dream on dreamer,dream a little while,good song that.
    I was in the boy scouts,when I was a kid,Billingham Synthonia,green and white neckerchieves.
    I can remember attending the world,Scout jamboree,friendship 76 at wynyard hall estate.
    I had risen to the dizzy heights of patrol leader.
    Great memories,camping etc,then I discovered girls,terrible vice,I can tell u.
    Very expensive,hobby.
    Started getting back into outdoors,lakes etc,Christmas 1999.
    A mate,i use that term loosley,literally,kicked me all the way up Helvellyn,it was covered in knee deep snow.that was boxing day,that year.
    That day,changed my life.
    Not long after,mad cow disease caim along,snapped a few pencils,I can tell ya.
    Anyway I digress,
    hope u get glorious weather,tomorrow.
    Hope U have a wonderful time.
    Take care.