Wildcamping on Randygill Top Howgill Fell

20th April 2011 Me and Paul camping on summit of Randygill Top I didnt expect to be back in the area so soon from my Yarlside wildcamp, but Paul needed it after nearly crying after seeing the images appear on my live blog on Sunday, checkout Pauls vid here.

Summit of Randygill Top

Drinking the booze

Looking over to Yarlside and Kensgriff from summit of Randygill Top

A fine cut of Sirloin

Hi Terry, this was for terrybnd live

Sitting in tent finishing off booze and watching loads of stars

Goodnight 🙂


On the way back we took the different path and came right past this building which is abandoned

Actual Route Take

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15 Responses to “Wildcamping on Randygill Top Howgill Fell”

  1. terrybnd Says:

    GET IN! You got Paul out in sun on a fell! Good lads!

  2. terrybnd Says:

    Now then lads! That you texting me?! LOL

  3. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah I had to get him out Terry he was in a state of depression reading my live blog sunday night, pulling his nostril hair out lol

  4. Chris25119600 Says:

    Great vid dave, just been showing my misses the building with the owl
    … I shouldn’t have as she now wants to buy it !!! shot myself in the foot there !!

    I’m off to the lakes on Saturday .. Fingers crossed I get decent weather for my wild camp

    Next time either yourself and muss are going to the lakes… Give me a shout if I’m not away

    …. I will get the steaks in for all 3 of us !!

    Take it easy and keep the vids coming.. As there are hundreds of people who appeciate what your doing

  5. David Murphy Says:

    I wish there was hundreds showing there appreciation on my website haha yeah would love to buy the place myself lol and the lakes weather never agrees with me i dont want to turn up and spoil it for you and would love to make a threesome sometime mate.

  6. Paul Says:

    This trip was sweet, I was in need of a good weather trip and got it we seen some sites birds of prey to wild horses and Dave capturing the barn owl was just some of the lovely sights we seen, my fav of this trip has to be the house, I ventured inside for a better look risking life and limb but all for the good cause, as when I got in there I had a quick look down the cellar very good

  7. kilburnicus Says:

    I can just see u now,sat at ur pc and it’s raining inside u’r house.
    U’ve go u’r waterproofs on,lol.
    This is the beginning of something big.
    Dave,u r a visionary.
    Us wildcampers r a very rare breed.
    Almost on the verge of extinction.
    Wouldn’t it be a good idea,if we could form a club.
    It would almost be like a medieval club,where we r not ashamed to say the f word and have a good drink and banter.
    Under a canopy of stars,how amazing would that be..

  8. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah Paul I loved it the sunset was a big let down after it promised so much, you forgot about the spring lamb lol

  9. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah where are rare bread alright but I think they maybe more and more been converted who wouldn’t be after watching our vids, yeah mate we’ll have to get together all 3 of use sometime soon.

  10. kilburnicus Says:

    That would be a very,very great honour.
    We could meet up somewhere like Reghed.Then i’d follow u in my car.
    We would have to have a good drink on the night,to break the ice.
    I’m currently in workaholic mode.12 hour shifts,2 weekends off a month.Why?,u may well ask.I have a list of gear as long as u’r arm,including 1kg,tent and rab expedition sleeping bag amongst others.I only have the north yorkshire moors on my satmap,done 15 hikes on the North yorkshire Moors ,since December.Wore my Garmin out.
    what type of voyager have u got.Is it the lightweight 3 season one,or the heavier 4 season one.Mines the later.U can double pole mine,I am going to double pole my arch,next winter,£40.
    So it’s work and sleep for me,driven by the love of wildcamping.
    Take care dudes.
    Gonna check u’rlatest vid after midnight,these dongles r crap.Exceeded my limit already.Gonna have to get a phone line sorted in a coupla months,when I can get some time.So it’s of to bed,will get up in the early hours,to check u’r latest vid.Looking forward to that.Right,bed for a while.

  11. David Murphy Says:

    A drink well of course I wouldn’t dream of not having one, I have everything north of Manchester and all national parks on my satmap so that aint a prob.

  12. kilburnicus Says:

    Well got up at 5am and watched u’r vids.
    Particularly liked the sunrise footage,that takes disipline,that.But it was so worth it,when u see the result.
    Lots of great places to pitch.
    The owl footage was great.
    Keep em coming,dude

  13. David Murphy Says:

    I’m pleased u liked them.

  14. Paul Says:

    I have the voyager superlite 3 season and used it 4 season as a result it only had 1 bent pole not too bad lol am working on my video today but its trying to not make it like Daves as we have very much the same footage damn you Dave for putting yours up first lol its going to take a few days to sort out am also working on a title for the begining of my videos and if it works should look sweet am all excited (about a title ffs) too much booze my brain is fried lol

  15. David Murphy Says:

    Haha I beat u too it this time mate, mine are just quickly knocked up I hate video editing with a Passion cannot be bothered more so since I wiped my old YouTube account everything vid boils my blood lol.