Hike and Wildcamp on Yarlside Howgill Fell

17th April 2011 I set off on a 1hr 20 min drive to Howgill Fell this was around 2.5 miles east than my last wildcamp here at Fell Head I arrive at the Key Cross Inn at 11.20am I started hiking along a route I had pre-planned and started on the wrong path again.

After a hard slog alone the gorge of Backside Beck I started to climb up to Kensgriff you can see me on the summit (below) then a hard trek to Yarlside where I setup my wildcamp.




Having a cuppa on Kensgriff below

Yarlside Summit
Hilleberg Akto on Yarlside Summit





To finish off a nice days hiking 🙂




(From left to right) Satmap images showing Kensgriff Summit then my rather messed up route over to Yarlside next the Trip Log showing the drop into the saddle from Kensgriff to Yarlside and Last the rather direct route back to my car the next day.



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15 Responses to “Hike and Wildcamp on Yarlside Howgill Fell”

  1. mick thornton (toffy63) Says:

    hi dave was up on inlgeborough friday night wild camping didnt manage to find your spot till the next morning, was pitching tent about 9;30 pretty dark by then.
    looks like its pretty nice up their

  2. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah mate its spot on, I will return again there I’m not to far off there I’m at howgill fell camping on top of Yarlside I’m uploading live pics to my blog.

  3. Paul Says:

    Finally mate WE I mean YOU got the wildcamp view/good weather, shocking how you just left me back home 🙁

  4. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah mate ME lol I really pity u mate honestly I do :'(

  5. Paul Says:

    Yes your defo rubbing salt in my wounds now putting these pictures up sitting here on my pc while you lap that sweet weather up you lucky B*****D

  6. David Murphy Says:

    Mate I’m having the time of my life you wouldn’t believe the size of the moon.

  7. ant Says:

    Is that a massive rip in the side of your trousers, the pic where you’re eatin’ the steak?

  8. David Murphy Says:

    No its my zip open is that right about my Owen going back to the toon ?

  9. ant Says:

    Did u forget the ambre solaire?

  10. David Murphy Says:

    The what ?

  11. Paul Says:

    I was having a pretty fun day out walking around the car boot with my Daughter and mother until Mr Murphy told me he was wild camping without me in the perfect weather and now I sit here looking at his pictures drinking my self into wonder land and hating Dave, am doing the rain dance and the storm force wind dance but it aint working god damn it, why do you get this gorgeous weather lol ( just kidding mate) enjoy it you lucky twat cause when you next come away with me you wont be seeing sunsets and sitting outside your tent eating massive steaks, you be curled up in ya tent for the full duration of the camp cause it be gale force and raining lol

  12. David Murphy Says:

    That reminds me of all the wildcamps I have done with you with crap weather so its you that’s the curse, god that moon looks massive tonight.

  13. David Murphy Says:

    Got an idea mate since I get the best weather alone u can sit at home and comment on my live blog and I will keep u upto date on the sunset and stuff 🙂

  14. kilburnicus Says:

    I camped on Sat night 16/4/11.At Borrodale,near Stickle Tarn.The moon was massive,the stars were out,it was a beautiful night.Sorry Paul,didn’t mean to rub it in,lol.But lets face it,when it comes to weather,u r jinxed,lol.
    Spent Sunday there in my shorts.Saw a Stoat getting mobbed by birds.Did not want to leave there,got home after 10pm Sunday,exhausted.
    U lucky git,Dave Murphy,spending Sunday night there,sorry Paul didn’t mean to rub it in again,lol.
    That night had everything,a massive moon,class weather and clear skies,perfect for star gazing.
    If it’s any consilation Paul.I’m back to 12 hour shifts and only 4 days off a month.
    Take care

  15. David Murphy Says:

    It was the perfect night and there seems the weather is going through a great spell the moon was extra big and bright that night infact I was going cross eyed my eyes were finding it hard to cope, check back for my vid soon mate.