Possible Wild Camping next week on Great Gable

Next Thursday 19th May I maybe doing a wildcamp on Great Gable Summit in the Lake District with a friend possibly three of us, (this hill looks like the hill on Close Encounters Of The Third Kind) this will be a tuff feat on the Akto as there is very little grass if any mostly rock and the akto relies on been pegged out in the four corners and four guy wires just to keep the tent standing.
Am currently trying something that will help in this situation.

We did this wildcamp see this post

Weather for Thursday looking good haha

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9 Responses to “Possible Wild Camping next week on Great Gable”

  1. Paul Says:

    looks like your going to get some good weather, guttered I can’t go would have loved to get away, I got the itch to get away wild camping

  2. David Murphy Says:

    I told you mate if your were going it would be sunny all week and raining thursday besides you want bad weather to test your new Kestrel out am sure you will get plenty of that, you be smashing the dam machine lol

  3. Chris sumner Says:

    Does that mean dave if it’s raining now until Wednesday

    The rocks will be soft enough to stick pegs in !!! 🙂

    I hope so, I’m 99% sure I’m coming

    Due to get off the rig tomorrow

    So far so good

  4. David Murphy Says:

    Thats good mate, we will have to make sure we get the better camp spot as our tents are not free standing, other chris can carry his and plonk anywhere when its up lol

  5. Chris sumner Says:

    Yes I will have to dangle a steak in front of you with a stick
    And get you running up there so we can get the best spot

    With me only getting back less than 24 hours before we go
    I think I will just take my jetboil instead of the dragonfly

    As I need a few accessories first mate, fuel, frying pan, knife, fork, STEAK

    So for this trip will just treat myself to a fell side beef and vegetables boil in the bag

    And watch the master cook his 5* meal

  6. David Murphy Says:

    You can watch the chef at work, Keith Floyd never even cooked a Steak on a Great Gable before 🙂

  7. Chris sumner Says:

    I’m easy mate too

    That looks like seathwaite farm – camp site ?

    That is easy enough to get there mate

    Postcode is easy to pick up off the Internet 

    I will give both of you a call tomorrow to finalise

    But I’m happy parking there mate

  8. Chris Sumner Says:


    i spoke with Chris Cox this morning, i think it has been decided that
    we are parking at seathwaite farm

    i tried to call you a couple of times this morning mate but no luck (i know you said signal is crap at your end)

    i will try again later mate

    we just need to decide on a time to meet now mate

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