WildCamping in Woods in The Peak District

On the 10th of Dec 2010 me and my friend Paul aka themus28 went to The Peak District near Shefield to do a wildcamp and meet a chap whom i have wanted to meet for quite some time terrybnd on meeting Terry we had a stroll over to the pub where we downed a few before getting down to business.

After a bit of natter and another pint we decided to head off for a hike around the peak district we decided on pitching our tents in a wood on a slight hill, there was a about 4 inches of snow under our feet.

 After pitching our tents out came the booze I had an aluminium 1 litre bottle full of whisky Paul had his usual Brandy and black Russian I think, we talked well into the darkness and we had a scary moment when Paul went missing in the woods me and Terry were shouting his name for quite a while and I was getting worried.

Some time later he emerged from the woods and wondered what the fuss was about he was mortal and I found out days later after he had made his video for youtube he was filming a blair witch scene haha.

We retired to our tents where Paul was demonstrating how good his little meth stove was 🙂 and then fell asleep in a texting position with his mobile.

When morning came we packed up our tents, the snow had all melted barely any sign of it anywhere, Terry took us on a walkabout of the peak district which was a pleasant experience will definite return some day.

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3 Responses to “WildCamping in Woods in The Peak District”

  1. Paul Says:

    That was a good trip mate enjoyed it, yea plenty of booze brandy as per and over half a litre of Drambuie which took no time to down with the 3 of us sipping it, it was mad sleeping in them woods with gales above us

  2. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah it was mate your tent wasnt slapping you in the face as much lol

  3. Trev Says:

    Sounds an absolute blast but waaaayyyy too much booze!!!