Wild Camping in Snow in a Bombshelter

On the 14th feb 2014
I headed out to do a solo in the North Pennines an area I knew there would be snow.
I wasn’t disappointed seeing all that beautiful snow after not much indication on the way there.
The snow was blizzarding on leaving the car, I hadn’t far to walk before I was knee deep in the white stuff. I cleared an area and proceeded to pitch. I’m still learning to pitch the Black Diamond bombshelter it’s proving to be a learning curve, as for this to work for me I need to able able to pitch it in strong winds.
The tent is very different than I’m used to, the poles are put up and inserted inside the tent. This can be fiddle and not for everyone, but practice makes perfect. As I noticed in the morning after removing all poles the tent was still standing with a breeze coming in through the door it was blown out like a wind sock. Next time I try putting up the tent I will use this to my advantage. I will close the bigger vestibule and pitch the smaller rear vestibule into the wind to blow out the interior giving me the room to work inside.
The tent has six points around the base to peg out which I only pegged the four corners. There’s one peg on the back door and two on the front door. Guylines, there’s two in the centre sides, four on the corners and another two on the front vestibule. One thing you notice about this tent is how stable it appears without any guys in at all. The beauty of this tent is even though it’s only a single skin “breathable” is it pitches tight as a drum, no flapping of material and wind can be herd and not felt.
My pitch this time wasnt so good due to the snow, very uneven and parts of the tent not stretched out, and pegs falling out of the ground when the snow melted.
Daveswildcamping kitchen would
be my usual steak “taking advantage of an offer of reduced prices”.
After a few sips of brandy I became very tired and drifted off about 9pm I think.
Awoke at 7am and I can say it’s probably the best sleep I have had on a wildcamping trip.
Their was a big thaw happening in the morning, no sunrise and clag I decided I wouldn’t spend a second night here as planned, had breakfast and packed away and headed home.

So this was my first real test alone in the BD Bombshelter and I can say I’m impressed with how it sheds wind and rain and gives you a sense it isn’t as nasty outside as you think. Having my best sleep so far it’s a thumbs up.

4 Responses to “Wild Camping in Snow in a Bombshelter”

  1. Jim walton Says:

    Another interesting film..Keep up the good work..Glad you had a good sleep..

  2. David Murphy Says:

    Yes it was my best sleep yet.

  3. Giorgio Says:

    Hi, I saw in your YouTube channel that you own a Hilleberg Tarra. Perhaps, you written it in this website, but why don’t you use the Tarra and you use this Black Diamond tent? Which tent is the best for you? I need a strong tent, can you help me?
    Thank you in advance! BTW, you made a nice website!

  4. David Murphy Says:

    I sent the tarra back.