Penshaw Monument


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 On Wednesday 18th December 2013 it felt really strange driving only 15 minutes to the location of my next wild camp with @daveswildcamping. As tradition goes with Dave a meeting point at the ‘pub’ (The Prospect) was arranged. After a few beers and numerous wild camping tales about Dave’s adventures we headed to the starting point to the monument. Although only a short and sweet ascent up to Penshaw Monument it sufficed my heart rate to gain its maximum. Phew!!! Hard work laden with a full pack – believe you me!


 Dave found us the perfect spot to pitch the tent not only to take in the close up view of the monument but to see the 360° panorama of the North East. The evening lights of the area were truly spectacular. So many landmark features to be picked out and recognised. We could actually see for miles.

We stood for ages just soaking up the beautiful lit up view. So magical to see!!!


 Daves belly started to talk so it was time to get the stove on and prepare the evening meal. On the menu tonight was Marks and Spencer Simply Food. As Dave has been watching his figure of late a healthy soup dominated the menu. This soup was most welcome as the weather was beginning to change and something hearty was very much needed. It was delicious! Dessert was mmmmm beforehand but unfortunately a bit yak during. Custard is not really recommended on a wild camp…


 MONUMENT PLAYTIME was next on the menu. The wind had picked up to an almighty speed. So we headed inside the monument for a bit of wind blasting fun. Poor gizmo was getting blown all over the monument but he actually loved it. I’ve never laughed so much and as you can tell in the video @daveswildcamping drank every minute of what the elements had on offer that night. The wind was very extreme making Dave’s cheeks wobble beyond belief. Great fun had by all.


 A good night’s sleep was had in the Hilleberg which of course was to be expected. The tent didn’t budge in the harshness of the weather throughout the night.  The next morning we awoke to a beautiful sunrise. The way the sun glistened through the monument pillars was simply divine. It was actually quite warm.



  THE BIG BREAKFAST – Now the one and only kilburnicus will tell you that daveswildcamping is big on promoting warburtons sandwich-thins. I’m not really a big white bread eater but they were gorgeous especially filled with a heart attack on a plate. Felt so amply fuelled ready for the big descent back down to the car (5 mins ha ha!)




  Penshaw Monument wild camp will stay with me for a life time. So much fun and laughter brought on by wild camping in a magnificent location. As we headed down the hill and I reflected on the experience I felt a sense of true gratification from a night that cost peanuts, This location is highly recommended – a short walk in along with a tall measure of excitement and fun creates the foundation for lasting memories. Thanks once again daves+wildcamping gizmo and I loved every minute x  


4 Responses to “Penshaw Monument”

  1. Dave Murphy Says:

    Great Wild Camp with Julie, loved every min.

  2. Says:

    So Mr Murphy loved the vid watching you 2 fall in love with meat (bacon sarnies is) haha you both have my prayers to build a beautiful relationship, how ever Mr Cheeky I shall be cooking your xmas dinner with love and erm yepo it will be the best simples……desert shit forgot that hope the 4 pund ice cream is enough lol i can add silky smoothnesss too it if you desire lol. this dinner will be the best my mother has only tattys to peal the rest is mine and yes it shall be the best NUMBER ONE will be cooking the storm jaggermeisters brandy and drambuigh or cans or even milk will be on offer for the sipping dont tell paul he will be sleeping and getting pissed haha…….more than welcome

  3. Mark thompson Says:

    Hello Dave and Julie, I’ve been watching your videos for a long time and always look forward to the next instalment. It’s better than owt on the telly, and it’s videos like this that get people out more.

    Keep up the good work Mark

  4. Julie liddle Says:

    Best wild camp so far… So much fun and cost hardly nothing. Priceless giggling from the start.
    Cracking video dave of our amazing penshaw adventure.
    Roll on the next one – can’t wait xx