Wildcamping in Co. Durham


On Wednesday 4th December Me, Gizmo and daveswildcamping set out to wild camp somewhere in the glorious countryside of Co Durham. Dave looking ever so excited pulled on his pack which was equipped with the brand spanking new hilleberg saivo (I repeat the new tent!!!). We tootled up the hill and eventually came to the spot where we were to camp. At this point I must admit I wasn’t unduly bothered at camping under a few big trees. The cooling breeze that was fast approaching was rather welcoming!


Dave set to work pitching out the tent – explaining to me every slot/pole/guy line and peg etc to name but a few. As I tried to look highly interested my attentions took to the wind. Now I’ve been in strong wind before but me Jesus it was WILD!!!  It was at this point the trees began to worry me a tadge. The way their branches were moving was not a calming sensation at all but a bloody terrifying one to be honest. Eventually after a windy battle the tent was up and we were toasty warm. After what seemed a short while the match was turned on (riveting or what) and daveswildcamping began to cook our evening meal.


A short while later it was daveswildcamping…

                    imagesCA3HS6QA     LAGER TEMPER TANTRUM TIME


Even as I type Im wetting myself as it was so funny but to the viewer however it may look a little ‘lager tent time’ harsh. We will not dwell on the situation – I’ll let you do that but I think considering the fact this tent was brand new the guy took it very well. If that had of been my new tent I would have knocked him ‘cold’ out. What a bloody waste of lager eh!!!


Following a full blown demonstration of the dragonfly stove Dave dished out a superb meal of the finest sausages, meatballs, eggs and mash. As you all well know Dave cooks his food with love and again on this occasion he didn’t disappoint. Top nosh it certainly was – I was highly impressed at this enjoyable meal.


After finishing my meal and hearing the wind getting really bad I heard a big OH No from Dave. To my relief the tent was fine but Newcastle United wasn’t ha ha (sorry Dave). We settled down for the night lying on the comfiest mat known to a woman. The exped downmat-7 was simply sheer bliss. Never experienced anything so warm – cheers for that Dave!


We stayed up well into the wee hours listening to the wind – the noise of it was mental. It was really scary outside but I felt to my amazement really unnerved in the Hilleberg. It never budged at all and no rattling at all or getting hit in the face. Felt completely safe. When we got down the next morning we couldn’t believe the mph of the wind and the damage it had caused to others.


I would truly recommend a night with daveswildcamping. His humour and outdoor passion is just second to none – brilliant experience and so much fun. Def a night me and Gizmo will always remember. Cheers Dave – WE’LL SEE YOU THERE!!! x


Julie Liddle

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2 Responses to “Wildcamping in Co. Durham”

  1. gareth austin Says:

    Well dave what a night out first class tent plus the food you made in the tent. If you would like somewhere with a pub next door with a camp site in 2014 is the cat and fiddle pub near me as i live in macclesfield cheshire i have the cheshire plane or buxton peak districk all the best gareth

  2. David Murphy Says:

    Thanks Gareth I’ll keep that one in mind lol. 🙂