29th Nov Social Meet

As some of you maybe aware myself Daveswildcamping and themuss have been talking about a bit of a social get together on a campsite, this is a gathering for like minded folk with similar interests to sling up a few tents, open a few beers, a talk and a bit of a get to know each other, more so than just to meet us two.
The 29th November 2013 has been selected and the first steps have been taken today with the videos going live, sorry about the short notice.

For fire pits I would recommend bringing some of your own wood as well and I cannot say at this time how many of these will be available.

The site should be well big enough but cannot guarantee places for late arrivals. The site is very relaxed regarding arrival and departure times, but I would recommend getting there before 7pm pay on arrival.

Location and cost for one nights camping below:-

Usha Gap Campsite
North Yorkshire
DL11 6DW

Info can also be found on my Facebook Group

Adult £6.00
Children under 5 years Free
Children under 15 years £3.00
Car £2.00
Motorbike £2.00
Motor Caravan £13.00
Caravan £15.00
Fire pits, returnable deposit £10.00

Two links below the first to the campsites website and the second to ukcampsites.

Campsite website



Be nice to see you there 🙂

Comments on this page are welcome.

Dave & Paul


22 Responses to “29th Nov Social Meet”

  1. David Murphy Says:

    Comments welcome

  2. The best guy in the world Says:

    Great shit guys

  3. paddy robins Says:

    sounds good,which is more than can be said for that lift music you were playing.depending on the location put me down as a maybe,thanks ,looking forward to meeting you all

  4. David Murphy Says:

    Ok Paddy we may see you there.

  5. Richy Ambler Says:

    where,s the meet sounds good

  6. David Murphy Says:

    Still working on it the location.

  7. tony finley Says:

    hi dave ,not met you o the or the muss yet but watch all the vids. hope you don,t mind a couple of old farts in their sixties turning up.

  8. David Murphy Says:

    Haha, no probs be nice to meet a couple of oldies 🙂

  9. Wakey George. AKA Bus Pass, Says:

    Ehup Davey, not met as yet, pretty new to Youtube and bloody technology, another old fart looking forward to meeting you and the gang, sod it it`s fast turning into a pentioners outing, tea and cakes on the menu instead of half a cow this time, I think not, I`ll see you there if I can find me chuffin specs, Regards Bus Pass.

  10. David Murphy Says:

    Haha class mate, im sure i could muss’ter up a cuppa and a jam scone or something for your aging palates.

  11. paul aka Themuss Says:

    I hope everyone doesn’t mind me ill be the one eating meat and drinking beet haha (don’t drink tea or eat scones) but we shall all have a good laugh really looking forward to meeting new and old faces

  12. David Murphy Says:

    Scones are no good for this fiend of all things meat.

  13. beefy Says:

    hi Dave wish i could make this meet but ive made plans, maybe next time mate, ATB beefy

  14. David Murphy Says:

    No probs Beefy, maybe another time.

  15. john longthorne Says:

    Was gutted that i was unable to make it as i was on back shift on this date,then a guy on days asked for a swap , so happy days see you all around 4ish.

  16. David Murphy Says:

    Great news mate, you will have to introduce yourself I don’t no peoples faces lol

  17. Paul Harris Says:

    Gutted that l could nt make the meet, hopefully will make the next one if you do it again.

  18. Wakey George Says:

    Top night Dave, Paul and all, I feel privileged to have met such genuine nice folk with the same interests, would love to have stayed another night but I woke like Douglas Barder I thought I had lost my sodding legs they were that bloody cold, lesson learnt upgrade my down bag, hope there will be more meets like that. Regards Wakey George AKA bus pass.

  19. David Murphy Says:

    Cheers George, pleasure to meet you to and there maybe another time on a small hill with plenty room for many tents and hopefully a short walk in.

  20. Matt Neill Says:

    Thanks to Dave and Paul for getting this together
    and for Paul kilburn for making the effort to turn up
    straight from work for a few hours as he couldn’t
    make it,good man.
    a good turnout at short notice and a great time
    had by all

  21. David Murphy Says:

    Maybe next time Paul.

  22. David Murphy Says:

    Thanks to all those who took part, wonderful time was had, enjoyed it very much.