Roughside Bothy


On the 16th October 2013
Myself Daveswildcamping and my mate Paul themuss headed for an unplanned bothy. The one I had planned didn’t happen as the walk in would have been a little to far this time, so Paul suggested Roughside which I wasn’t to keen on for reasons most of you whom follow me will be aware of, this is expressed in the first few words of my video.
Walking through the door was a pleasant surprise, no rubbish, apparantly the gang of thugs (see day three of my Keilder blog here ) have had a good speaking to as we found out on the way back to the car next day when we were stopped by a blue van and spoke to by the driver, he was quizzing us where we had been.
Due to the constant days rain we had a struggle with the fire, no immediate wood around the bothy we headed into a sodden forest where all the smaller trees had been hacked off above knee height, we needed kindling and tinder which looked pretty grim on the face of it. So we dragged some felled soaked through branches and limbs to the living room of the bothy and started hacking away with our axes and saws. I improvised with a rusty nail I pulled from the wall to fix one of the bow saws that had a part missing to hold the blade. After sawing up a 7 inch wide limb into about 10 inch lengths Paul started splitting them it to pieces to expose a more drier centre.
Taking them upstairs and making some smaller sticks from these and finding a few already dry twigs around the bothy he reached for his fire starting kit from his pack and in a grim voice said “I don’t believe it, I had everything on the floor at home in front of me and I have forgotten it”. I only brought my small fuel bottle with my stove and that was only half full from a previous hike up helvellyn the day before and my last camp on Knock Pike it hadn’t been filled up sinse.
So pouring a bit of petrol on the twigs and lighting went up in a gush and burned out with in about 30 seconds, this wasn’t the answer as we both knew we could end up waisting precious petrol which we didn’t have to spare incase we had to resort to for our main meal and still not have a fire going at the end of it.
In amazement he found his fire starting kit consisting of some drenched with vasoline cotton wool which he uses for his arse but that’s another story.
We lit it and with a bit of patience some blowing and a makeshift blazer draped with a bin liner it started roaring.
This was a relief from the so called organisation muss 🙂 standing in his wet t-shirt, didn’t bring a stove any dry clothes or his down jacket. Just a giant mat some meat for a casseroles, some dogfood and nothin but food that needed cooking where as me Mr. Prepaired had everything :).
After the fire was roaring the minted lamb casserole went on and my titanuim kettle for a brew.
We both brought cans of lager which i managed to drink 5 which is good going for me. Theres nothin like sitting in front of a real fire in your bare feet with good company and good crack. Enjoyed the evening with Paul and it was time to try and sleep. Morning came and the weather was a different animal, sun shining and quite warm, on goes the bacon and eggs and later some more casserole from the other pan whilst Paul was having fun outside haha.
Time to pack and Paul went around with the brush and we left without leaving a trace we’d been there as it should be done.

Watch my video below, thanks

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