Knock Pike

On the 12th October 2013,
Myself Daveswildcamping, Paul themuss and Paul Kilburnicus set off to do a small hill in Knock Pike which is situated along side Dufton Pike, Murton Pike and High Cup Nick.
Arriving at The Stag Inn around 15:00 , Killy landed about 16:00 ish and themuss around 16:30.
After a couple on jars it was time to hike up to the summit for a Wildcamp.
On reaching the summit we were first greeted with winds around 30 to 40 mph which seem to be localised to the summit nothing was felt lower down to suggest we would be hit by this, although Paul said it was forecast Gales this evening. After a bit of a struggle pitching due to problems with the depth of soil, I found it very tough finding places for pegs which wouldn’t sink in farther than a few inches, eventually snapping a titanium and noticed bent ends on the delta pegs in the morning when packing away.

After pitching, my kitchen this evening would be burgers, onions, mushrooms and whole tomatoes.
I was emailing Paul after eating saying the wind seemed to be blowing itself out as I drifted off to sleep for probs one or two hours until I was awakened by the whole tent shaking violently I remember thinking of an angry poltergeist.
At one point I was a little worried about my safety the wind was the worst I have ever experienced to date, as the tent began to come in on top of me I was struggling with all my might with my arm holding up the tent. I was beginning to think if this pole did snap it could stick through the fly and do me damage lol .
I frantically pushed all my gear into my rucksack with one hand whilst holding up the tent with the other for the second time this evening, not bothering with stuff sacks I let down my neoair and pushed that in too, then I reached out to the zip and raised my now flat door.
Going over to Paul themuss who seemed amazingly relaxed with his expensive SLR camera focused on the other Paul’s tent, both in there Hilleberg Soulo’s which were coping well with the 85.5 mph recorded winds, whilst Mr. Kilburn appeared to be rolling around on the ground whilst his Soulo was lifting at the back and his sleeping bag by this time was at the bottom of the hill and his titanium pan lid whizzing around the village of Knock like a UFO.
After playing with my Akto a bit I tensioned the strap on the side which brings the pole more into a curve shape it helped the pole trying to straighten itself and bring the tent down.
After this evening I’m now on the look out for a new tent something with a self standing multi pole configuration for the winter months. The Akto preformed well for been advertised as a backpackers tent , whilst the soulo is far superior design more suited for this type of battering.
No damage or bend in the pole but what damage I have noticed is about 1cm of stitching has come away on the pole sleeve at the top of the tent which I find is amazing considering the battering we received.

This experience hasn’t dented my faith in Hilleberg tents infact quite the contrary, and for wildcamping itself I’m more hungry that ever.

Stroll on my new tent.

Watch my video below.

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