Murton Pike

On the 7th September 2013 me and Paul been idle for a bit we decided on a small hill and Murton Pike come to mind and why not, nice area where we will be doing some more here very soon and a nice pub with wifi access down the road at Dufton called the Stag Inn which we knew quite well. After a couple of jars and a surprise of a titanium kettle we started walking the two miles or so to Murton Pike, the skies were threatening rain so we were pleased to get to the summit errect the tents without a drop.
Daveswildcamping Kitchen was next, I wanted to get my food cooked and eaten before it got to late, today would be Cod fillet, mash and mushy peas laced with butter.
Not long after we put the tents up the wind increased and the temperature dropped with a cold wind chill we retreated to the tents it was baltic. The forecast was sunny for Sunday so I new early hours the skies would clear up and I said to Paul if it clears up I be out later and it did and what a view we got, stars and milkyway best I’ve seen since Scotland and Kielder, we even had a meteor shower too just like Scotland.
Just wish I had warmer clothes with me to appreciate it longer but I was really feeling the cold and went back to my tent it was now around 5am so I spent around 1 and a half hours cracking with Killy.
Wildcamping doesn’t have to be three thousand feet up on a hill with amazing views or the deep seclusion as the woods can bring. This to me is just as enjoyable meeting friends and having the conversations and taking part in these common interests what we both live for is part of the overall package for me.
Watch my video below, thanks


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