North Pennines, Thack Moor

thackmoor On the 25th August 2013 I thought it was about time I done a solo wildcamp, my last was Cape Cornwall last December. I had the opportunity to do this one alone so why not. The place I decided was a hill I see everyweek on my way to the Lake District but always wondered what it was like on the top. Hiking upto Hartside Heights then onto Black Fell and over to Watch Hill which I liked and sort of wished I stayed. But carried on to Thack Moor, it was around 2pm so plenty of hot daylight for the wasps and flies to have there fun in my tent and food bag. I fired up Daveswildcamping Kitchen, which was a Chicken Curry with rice and then decided to sit on my Osprey Atmos backpack to read my paper and forgot my Platypus big zip sl hydration bladder was inside and burst it and lost next to all my water. This limited my options for a second night and kept me from a relaxing trip as it niggled at my mind sinse thinking the mileage I had to walk back to the car without water. This was probably one of the most calm wildcamps I have ever had no rain, sunshine a sunset and clear skies all night. After the hike in being very boggy I decided to hike out a different way mostly via road and it was a touch uphill towards hartside cafe. I have sinse purchased a new Big Zip SL bladder as my old one served me well for many years right back to the Cheviots Wildcamp when I remembered the filth I was drinking turned the plastic a dirty colour. So bring on my next solo. thackmoor1

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