Wild Woods Camp

On the 20th April I met the two Paul’s Kilburnicus and themuss for a spot of woods camping and eating. Me an themuss hammocking myself with my Clark Nx250 and Killy in his bivi.
I arrived at out meeting point in a pub carpark, where else lol, waiting about 20 mins for Kilburnicus to arrive where we would have a couple of jars before themuss would arrive.
So we had another with Paul and headed along the banks of the River Wear to our camp location which had been picked some months previous on a Canoe trip up the river.
I started collecting firewood whilst themuss prepared the fire pit.

Beef was on the menu tonight cooked in Paul’s Dutch oven, I had some veggies wrapped in foil on the fire for me and Kilburnicus, Paul themuss prepared the Yorkshire puddings and gravy.
Whilst stuff was cooking it was time to put up my hammock which went up easy but had a bit of a chow with the tarp this time as light was fading I started my usual swearing behaviour, no sooner I had my hammock and tarp up and it was time to slice open the succulent beef.

First time for a full joint of beef boiled in the Dutch oven as we usually spit roast it, and it was as nice or possibly nicer this way unless I had just forgotten what previous feasts were about. Bacon seen here was actually a starter couldn’t wait till the beef was cooked.

Drink wise I had a few bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale which went down a treat, I used to be a big drinker of (brown dog) when I was in my twenties and early thirties.
It was a clear sky with a bright moon shining on the river, the fire lit well and was raging with plenty of dry dead wood at our disposal, we talked, joked and laughed till late when themuss decided he’d had enough booze and headed to his hammock where he climbed in and rolled back out haha.


Me and kilburnicus chatted a while longer and Paul telling me how good it was meeting myself daveswildcamping and themuss one year ago nearly to the month and me feeling rather humbled again been built up by the great Kilburnicus, the feeling was very mutual.
It was time to head to the hammock for me I can’t remember the time but it was late. I slept with the tarp folded back off the hammock as still to have the amazing view of the clear sky through the trees, watching the moon and stars for what seemed like 15 mins before I fell off to sleep.
I remembered waking in the morning to voices thinking it was the two Paul’s up , then themuss came over to my hammock says get up that was the game keeper with his gun asking us to get off his private land “own by some lord”. We done well not to be discovered till morning which I was pleased about judging by the raging fire we had which we tried covering slightly with a tarp and a wide tree to the direction of any buildings.
We had a visitor in the morning a good lad in the shape of Ian Cathcart who turned up on a previous woods camp with Chris Sumner and the three of us. Paul themuss headed out of the woods with Ian (after covering over the fire pit) as he had work early afternoon. Me and the other Paul cooked breakfast of bacon, 6 eggs and sausage, after clearing the area LNT “leave no trace” as usual and we headed out.

Thanks to the two Pauls, Kilburnicus and themuss for a great night and watch and comment on my video below which appears to be doing really well.

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