Wales 2012

9th September 2012 I had my second meeting in 2 years with Paul 007vauxhall as he’s known on YouTube.
We decided on a campsite at Dolgam Farm, Capel Curig, not far from the Pen-Y-Pass carpark where our path would start up to Snowdon summit the following day.
It rain solid for the next two days Paul pitched his Vango Banshee me my Vango Beta350 and my Alpkit Rig7 tarp for shelter so we could cook our steaks Paul said it was the best steak he has ever had.
We set off in the morning to a cafe for breakfast then off to the Pen-Y-Pass carpark.
After a wet windy trek up the miners path to Snowdon we arrived on the summit to strong gusts then into the cafe we went, I was soaked through to the skin, not good I can safely say I will not be wearing that jacket and pants again.
The cafe was only open another half an hour so we had a coffee and a sausage roll and then we were off back down.
We drove to another campsite on the North Coast at Trwyn Yr Wylfa, Penmaenmawr, Conwy, lovely views here of Anglesey and Puffin Island, then off to The Gladstone for a pint.
Next morning as you can see from my videos we had a very nice full English breakfast cooked in the back of Paul’s Galaxy.
It was time for Paul to leave me and head home, whilst I continued on my journey around the north coast over to Anglesey and Holyhead where I pitched for the third night at Trearddur Bay.
My forth campsite as you can see from the map is Llanbedrog, Gwynedd great views again here.
Then it was off to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park at Cardigan for campsite number five this site was well off the main road about a mile along a bumpy track not much wider than a footpath, the site was under construction a bit with a brand new shower/toilet block and lovely views.
My last site would be at Caerfai where I cooked my final steak, it was the weekend now and I was encountering more nosey people which I don’t prefer. “Think they hadn’t seen anyone film a steak cooking before”.
My sleep was cut short as my Klymit Inertia XL mat would let me down big style and I ended up sleeping in the car after waking around 2am on the bottom, this was a big decision in bringing my travels to an end. I really enjoyed my time in Wales and my time with Paul was the highlight of this trip, cheers Paul.
Thanks for reading and checkout my map of the places I stopped off, all photos are taken by myself and watch my videos below, and remember “We’ll see you there”.


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19 Responses to “Wales 2012”

  1. kilburnicus Says:

    I was actually,watch’n u’r vids,chill’n out.Enjoying myself.Few beers,beginning to sort gear for Scotland.Was gonna do a 2 – 10,yesterday,go home,shower,straight off,Sca fell,2 sunrises,1 sunset,then realised,only 2 weeks to Scotland.
    Another time.
    Looking forward to Scotland.
    All the best.
    Take care,friend.

  2. David Murphy Says:

    Not long now mate, I have Monday Tuesday and wednesday shifts then a Sunday Monday and Tuesday nightshift then am off for 14 days yippy 🙂

  3. The Muss Says:

    looks like you had quite the adventure mate well jealous I couldn’t come and share this trip

    I too am looking forward to the Scotland trip hopefully a little more wild camping

    we’ll see you there

  4. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah Paul Muss we will see some wildcamping alot more that i did on this trip lol, you taking canoe.

  5. The Muss Says:

    Dave I could tell you lots but I think I have said too much already as we will only get people doing it and making vids before we get there, think its grouse season fancy going shooting lol lol lol

  6. David Murphy Says:

    lol, yeah you no why i keep things top secret.

  7. Chris Sumner Says:

    We will see you there !!!!!

  8. Chris Sumner Says:

    i like the map you have on there with your stop off’s ….looks good

    the beauty of android phones eh ??


  9. Chris Sumner Says:

    sorry dave forgot to ask, did you book all the campsites in advance?

    or did you just plan from day to day were you was going to stop?

    i know you planned to meet Paul at the first campsite, so that was prob booked

  10. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah am trying a new style of logging my trips, very useful if the photo has GPS data in it, nightmare if it hasnt trying to find the exact spot it was taken if your travelling around a lot.
    I done a trial with the satmap on and my camera s photo took at a location they can be inputted with satmap GPS date

  11. David Murphy Says:

    Nothin planned or booked mate, the only thing I new I was gonna be doing before I left the house was meet paul somewhere and hopefully do Snowdon, no campsites even the first one was planned or booked, just drove and used the map on my ANDROID phone zoomed to a rough area typed in campsites in the search box and it brings all in that area and just punched the postcodes into my car gps and turned up.

  12. chris Sumner Says:

    it looks good anyway mate

    my 80 year old nan was walking down snowdon around the same time you was

    she said she saw someone resemberling your muscular stature on the train on the way down??

    dont tell me daveswildcamping used the cheaters train!!

    howayyyyyyy davveeee 🙂

    roll on sunday, newcastle are going to get a whooping !!

  13. chris Sumner Says:

    good way of doing it i suppose, that way you are free to roam were you please

    you have got me wanting to do something similar, looks like apart from snowdon you had some brilliant weather as well.

    like i said on youtube, one of the best vids i have seen in a long time, beautiful views, simple, good times ETC

    something i could do with after a hectic 4 weeks at work !

  14. David Murphy Says:

    Chris mate I loved it, and wish you were joining us up Scotland it’s gonna be summit similar except more wildcamping I still fancy the occasional propper campsite to relax and have a pint and a with the lads and good for showers but Paul is wanting all wildcamping and wash in the freezing lochs the guys is hardcore to the extreme.

    We might surprise you tomorrow fresh from top of the European table after our win.

  15. David Murphy Says:

    Old granny my arse that be themuss blabbing his mouth lol

  16. chris Sumner Says:

    hahah you busted me !!

  17. David Murphy Says:

    You can’t pull the wool over Daveswildcamping’s eyes 😉 I don’t think I could of managed to hike back down in fear of hyperthermia really soaked with just a cotton t-shirt and a jacket which gave no warmth or protection and Fucken useless over trousers with jeans which were soaked that bad I struggled to bend my legs all the way up the hill.

  18. paul harmer Says:

    You’d think ppl had never seen anyone film a steak cooking before ! LOL

  19. David Murphy Says:

    You wouldn’t believe the amount of passers by trying to get in Daveswildcamping steak cooking videos.