WildCamping In Woods

On the 23rd April 2012 myself Daveswildcamping and Paul decided on a Wildcamp in some woods the location is top secret, Paul trying out his new battery power spit, me my new MTP Basha.
This blog if you didn’t no it yet you will by you watch my video that its totally dominated by the cooking of a big limp of meat.
I arrived at Pauls around 4pm and we headed to the butchers for a joint of his best silverside beef then went back to Pauls to finish off his packing, we eventally arrived at our location around 7pm after only 1mile of hiking into the woods, I setup my new basha as we were expecting some rain, the sky clouded over and cleared many times through the night. Paul began digging the pit for our fire that would cook our beef joint that would have our mouths watering for fours before we finally started to carve it open. We devoured it like a couple of canibals haha, I had some veggies and pototoes roasting in some foil which were slightly over done, Paul had some gravy which his mother had made earlier.
After slicing through half of the 2.5kg of beef we felt a little full.
The rest of the story is we had a bit crack drank a few cans then went to kip, we awoke about 7am after my usual poor sleep made worse by a stomach full of British Beef.


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33 Responses to “WildCamping In Woods”

  1. Chris25119600 Says:

    Muss’swildspit.com were the spit roasts are far more manly

    We will see you there

  2. David Murphy Says:

    Real prime roast we’ll see you there

  3. killy Says:

    spit roast.
    It doesn’t get any better than this.

  4. Lawerence DiVizio Says:

    Dave, a well fed hiker is a happy hiker. Hope you had something to drink to wash that down.

  5. Anthony Says:

    This has definataly inspired me to get my act together and go for a walk on the wild side myself this month.
    Cheers lads.

  6. David Murphy Says:

    Get yourself out Anthony you no it makes sense.

  7. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah Killy , we’ll see you there mate.

  8. David Murphy Says:

    Thanks Lawrence yeah I only drank three cans and Paul drank four, the hiking bit well there’s one thing that worrys me is the hiking is getting less and the food is getting more lol

  9. Paul aka The Muss Says:

    good write up dave straight to the point lol

  10. paul harmer Says:

    Not seen the vid yet as it has not uploaded .. good idea for a spit roast , but next time get a big fat chicken .. better for you too .. Ha Ha ..

  11. David Murphy Says:

    Hi Paul, the video did upload but was too big, I will have to resize it tomorrow and upload it again.

  12. David Murphy Says:

    Cheers muss I no I always am to the point no beating around the muss haha

  13. BelgianHiker Says:

    You guys are really living it up !
    And that beef has my mouth watering !
    Top stuff guys – and an entertaining outdoor experience captured well on film !
    Looking forward to the next one

  14. David Murphy Says:

    Thanks BelgianHiker pleased you found it entertainment mate.

  15. paul harmer Says:

    At work this morning you said to me that ,’ you were going to fall out with me ‘ ( LOL) because i hadn’t visited your site in the last week .. So , here i am visiting your bloody website .. As you know , my passion is Astronomy . So i have hopped on here to give you this link – http://www.space.com/15521-nasa-mars-rover-curiosity-cruise.html
    Take care . And …… I’ll see you there …

  16. paul harmer Says:

    Ha Ha .. ‘ Take care and i’ll see you there ‘ ??? Maybe i have just improved your signing off catch phrase m8 … LOL

  17. David Murphy Says:

    Take care and I’ll you there that’s a good one I might use that haha, yeah these nasa people dedicate there lives to these individual projects and it all comes down to if it lands safely such a small margin between victory or failure.

  18. paul harmer Says:

    pls watch the following link .. This is an animated version of what is ‘planned to happen ‘ on and after the 5th of August this year .. We are going to Mars this time to look for past signs of life .. This is a dream . This is amazing . Good luck Curiosity ..

  19. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah its amazing a lot can go wrong here, good luck rover, I have left a comment on it.

  20. paul harmer Says:


  21. paul harmer Says:

    The moon is at Perigee .. LOL

  22. paul harmer Says:

    Pls visit Paulsstargazing .com for more info … LOL

  23. david murphy Says:

    63 Jupiter moons this would be strange to see from the surface, image the gravitational effects on the planet when you think our single moon can pull the tides in and out, some of Jupiters moons are much closer to it than ours too.

  24. paul harmer Says:

    Jupiter has 66 confirmed moons .. Saturn has 62 .. Mars has 2 .. Uranus has 27 .. Neptune has 13 .. Pluto ( though not now classified as a planet ) has 4 ..
    Charon , Pluto’s largest moon is over half the size of Pluto .
    For more information visit paulsstargazing.com

  25. paul harmer Says:

    One last thing ( as Columbo used to say ) . The Eta Aquarids meteor shower peaks tonight . I would love to be out under a clear sky to see it .. The moon will be full tonight and wash out all but the brightest of them though ..
    The Eta Aquarids are a light shower, usually producing about 10 meteors per hour at their peak.
    Take care and i’ll see you there …

  26. david murphy Says:

    I was wild car camping last night and watched the super moon Perigee till after 4am it was a rare clear sky last night first chance in a while I have been able to sleep under the stars, parked up the moors in one of my usual spots crawled into my sleeping bag.

  27. Paul aka The Muss Says:

    I’m sending the Muss in to stop this wildcamping in a c1 it should be illegal and banned get your bloody bivi out and put it next to your car and camp at least then you be camping and you can watch the moon outside 😉

  28. david murphy Says:

    The reason of the car camping is there’s too many nosey bastards wondering what you are doing I was parked up early hours last week and a couple of cars pulled up and I had my seat down lying down and they must have though no one was in my car and they came right up to the window, imagine if I was lying in a bivvy next to my car.

  29. paul harmer Says:

    I don’t know your taste in music but as you love the wilderness etc , i thought that maybe you would also love some celtic rock music .. I hope you enjoy this link .. If it’s not to your taste then no worries .. LOL . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YdkolAEHj4

  30. paul harmer Says:

    BTW . my foot fell off as i was watching and listening to this .. I was tapping it so much . It’s ok now tho . I’ve screwed it back on .. Take care and i’ll see you there .

  31. paul harmer Says:

    I have seen many live bands as music is my first love . Astronomy my second LOL .. How much wood eye love to see this band ‘live’ ??

  32. David Murphy Says:

    I’m going down to Manchester on the 30th to see stone roses

  33. paul harmer Says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=eTWj1uLwjC8#!.. Love it …