Wild Camping In Forest


On the 12th April 2012 myself and two Pauls one in the shape of themuss and the other a surprise friend whom neither of us have met before Killburnicus decided to join us.
Paul ‘themuss’ picked me up around 6pm we arrived there in about 30 mins where Paul ‘kilburnicus’ was waiting we headed off into the forest we eventually decided on our camp after some debating and proceeded to make a pit for the fire that would cook our Salmon and rabbit.
Once the two main meals were on cooking we opened up some cans, Killy was already half way through his by we arrived to meet him lol.
Paul themuss had his usual spirits I had 4 cans of special brew, we talked well into early hours before deciding to climb into our bivvys and retire and killy into his poleless Hilleberg Akto poor man forgot his poles and ended up just wrapping the tent around himself, by this time the sky had cleared after some drizzle earlier my view of the night sky was very limited only managing a couple of stars due to the thick canopy above use.
Most of my time was spent lying awake listening to the sounds of the forest and themuss snoring, I eventually got up at 6am to relieve my bladder and take in the sights of the morning forest and its wildlife.


Our Camp

Salmon Cooking

Rabbit and Salmon

Had a great time with the two Pauls and was a pleasure meeting Kilburnicus for the first time and hopefully do some more camping with them soon, before we left we covered over the fire pit and collected all our rubbish and took it out with us and returned our campspot into the same state it was before we arrived as so we had never been there.

My video to follow is of poor quality as my mobile phone camera quality settings wasnt set to HD due to a recent hardware reset of the phone which was a disappointment on returning home.

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6 Responses to “Wild Camping In Forest”

  1. eminen Says:

    video will be fine, i only come here for the banter,you didnt thing we came hear to watch the muss in another drunken stooper LOL,thanks for uploading 🙂

  2. Paul aka The Muss Says:

    Nice write up Dave I have to add I did a fine job as usual diggin thefire pit lol, that wasn’t me snoring it was other Paul lol. Again mate top class trip just the usual for us every time we go out can’t wait for the next one

  3. David Murphy Says:

    He wasn’t too bad this time you wouldn’t think he had a litre of brandy the way he was swinging that axe.

  4. Paul aka The Muss Says:

    @ eminen I wasn’t drunk lol It was the business just chilling by the fire chatting away sipping at my drink 🙂

  5. brian,..saswales Says:

    nice one,chaps keep the vids coming.liking the site dave..

  6. David Murphy Says:

    Cheers Brian , yeah the vid has been a let down as my mobile camera was set on a low quality setting :'(