Bushcraft In Penshaw Woods

On the 20th March myself and my mate Paul The Muss Wild Camped in some local Woods at Penshaw Co. Durham to practice and put to use some of Paul’s new-found skill and gear.

I felt like the pupil been taught by an up and coming master of bushcraft, we started with the fire which Paul lit first time with his fire steel and we proceed to cook as it was getting late,

we cracked open some cans of lager had a great laugh quite a bit of catching up to do, then we proceed to erect our shelters, my poncho went up first in a new configuration which I named the flat roof open side 🙂 not expecting rain again the poncho was put up just as practice for when the eventual comes.

 Scenes from Our Camp Above

 then out came the Terra Nova Jupiter bivvy, Paul trying his Dutch Bivvy for the first time and I quite liked it for space him being able to put in his larger than my backpack inside where I struggled with the jupiter, the Dutch Bivvy also has a different way of unzipping apart from side entry visibility is through the front via a window which mesh can be zipped over, the visbility on the jupiter I like in a different way front vision is reduced but you can see directly above behind and to the sides perfect and the mesh is almost invisible on a clear night and the breeze is very plentiful sometimes too much which there’s the option over partially covering with the outer waterproof skin. My second night spent in the bivvy and am liking it more each time just wish there was a bit more space width wise but I suppose you can’t have it all as the pack down size is very handy.

Above my Rather Burnt Titanium pan Which I put on the fire to boil some water to clean it out and forgot about it.


I had a great evening will be doing some more of wood camping with Paul soon from a secret location.

 Check out my video below

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16 Responses to “Bushcraft In Penshaw Woods”

  1. Bivvybag Dave Says:

    Please man can we have a content warning first. All that food and I have not had me tea yet. I still had to watch it sit and watch it on an empty stomach.
    Good crack between the two of you. real camping by real people, cant wack it, thanks for the escapism, cant wait for the weekend, Cheers4now, Dave.

  2. David Murphy Says:

    Hi bivvybag Dave I had eaten loads that night was hungry as a horse and my it tasted good.

  3. brian,saswales Says:

    nice one chaps,this is what i do most weekends,im liking muss bivi tent,i use the the army bivi bag myself,bit like your,s dave.how did you like your first night in the the woods,

  4. David Murphy Says:

    Well it wasn’t my first it was my second bivvy camp and second time I’ve camped in the woods haven’t done it alone yet in woods like that be the challenge

  5. Belgian_Hiker Says:

    Classic stuff !
    No you’ve given me an idea to go buy more gear and try this tarp/bivi bag deal.

  6. David Murphy Says:

    That’s good mate always pleased to give people ideas

  7. Alan G Says:

    Hi dave and paul whats going on there ha ha. happy wild camping lads AG

  8. David Murphy Says:

    Doing some wildcamping in the woods lol

  9. kilburnicus Says:

    Noth’n wrong with titanium?,Dave dude.lol.
    Great,to see u 2 back out together again.
    A total change.
    How much fun,did that look?.
    A lot.
    Leaves,u with questions.
    Quoting,you now.
    The possibilities,are endeless.

  10. Rob P Says:

    Great video, really enjoyed it. Keep the adventures coming!

  11. David Murphy Says:

    Thanks Rob will do.

  12. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah was a change Killy a bit different to our usual style.

  13. Paul aka The Muss Says:

    yep this was more fun than freezing and being wet on a hill, I dont think you can beat making your own fire and just chilling with a good buddy and a few cans not to mention watching Dave constantly eat lol. Top trip as always

  14. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah muss I enjoyed it greatly what makes this good to is there’s woods everywhere don’t have to travel hundreds of miles not much hiking need if any, more wildlife and more of a sense of wildness.

  15. Bradley Says:

    Hi Dave, did you ever come into contact with park rangers at Penshaw woods?

  16. David Murphy Says: