Cold Law Cheviots

2012-03-18_1532 095mi

Above is the Actual Route from GPX file


Satmap screens of the summit and trip log.


Me at the Trig Point with my Osprey Exos

Arrive at Harthope valley 14:30 my satmap said 15:30 but was an hour out due to me not correcting it, the weather was sunny and warm there was a breeze at the summit but nothin to bad I took my time errecting the poncho shelter.

And setting up my Tera Nova Jupiter for the first time in the wild, thinking I wouldnt require the hooped pole with having the tarp as shelter from any weather I proceed just to wrap myself up in the sleeping bag and leave the bivvy bag open this may have been ok on a summers night but I was soon realise my mistake, winter northernly winds howling over the cheviots arnt to be taken lightly, I wish I could have measured the wind chill as removing my gloves for a minute at a time was numbing my hands and my face was so cold I couldnt bare it any longer I had to slot the hooped pole into the bivvy and zip myself in.

A great clear night and one of the best starry nights I have ever seen was had the first also been in the Cheviots.

Some view of the Sunset



 Checkout my video below for more info on my trip.

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25 Responses to “Cold Law Cheviots”

  1. Chris25119600 Says:

    Ere man Wat ya deeeein buying the same backpack out

    You owe me 3 x steaks

  2. Chris25119600 Says:

    As me

  3. Robert McKenzie Says:

    Since your first video up here I’ve been wanted to get my arse up the Cheviots, but it’s the 5 1/2 hours of driving to get it up there that’s the killer .. haha then a 5 1/2 hour drive back home after I get it off the hills.

    For now I’ll have to live the dream through your videos 🙂 Keep up the great work Dave!

  4. David Murphy Says:

    Am not one for copying Didn’t no you had one had that one a few weeks now, seen it in go outdoors

  5. David Murphy Says:

    That was my first purchase I made before my bivvy and poncho for my new go light backpacking just hadn’t got around to using it

  6. David Murphy Says:

    Your just pissed a chopped out my Willy in the final out take clip haha

  7. Paul aka The Muss Says:

    got some nice pictures Dave and erm am also getting the same colour and make bag pmsl

  8. Chris25119600 Says:

    Class vid apart from getting your chucky out at the end

    Some amazing colours in that sunrise ! were the sunrise’s are far better

  9. mark Says:

    great vid dave as usual. good to see you back iv missed you. your the reason that iv started getting some kit together to try my hand at this wildcamping game, very insperational, keep them comming

  10. David Murphy Says:

    Thanks Paul mate and please yourself getting the same bag am used with people copying off me , cough Chris cough

  11. David Murphy Says:

    Thanks Chris mate the sunrises are far better , the bit at the end makes a change from the other stuff.

  12. David Murphy Says:

    Thanks Mark, your the reason I do the vids , I can just go out and enjoy myself and not make a vid but now I feel a sense of duty to you and many others whom I have had great and inspiring comments from.

  13. David Murphy Says:

    Where do you live like Robert? , Chris Cox occasionally visits the lake district camps one night and then drives back to Brighton , I personally thinks he’s mad but that’s just me haha , just sit back and I will bring them to you .

  14. cheviot Says:

    Hi Dave,
    Great video.You cannot wack the Cheviots. I had a night out earlier in the month it was really tough.A few pints and a meal at the Masons Warkworth.I walk along the beach towards Alnmouth.Into the bivvy and watched the stars.Briliant

  15. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah on a clear sky the cheviots is good for the stars I agree there.

  16. cheviot Says:

    Great Video Dave. You cant beat the Cheviots.I had a night out on the 10th of March. Afew pints in the Masons at Warkworth, then a walk along the beach.Out with the bivvy and watched the stars come out.
    What sleeping bag and mat do you use.I am looking for something lighter.

  17. David Murphy Says:

    Hi mate I use a alpkit skyehigh 800 its ok and my mat is a Thermarest Neoair, the mat is very light and packs down small.

  18. kilburnicus Says:

    U,know I’m a total fan.
    People like myself,have turned up here,because we found u first and then u’r crew.
    U r someone to look up to Dave.
    Brilliant to see u back out.
    That’s,just brilliant news.
    See u as kind of,a focal point.
    well a leader,really.
    U’ve got that,about u.
    Wishing u well.
    Take care Dave Dude.

  19. David Murphy Says:

    Cheers killy mate, me you and Paul will have to do a wildcamp very soon, us too will be bivvying like of corse.

  20. Alan G Says:

    Hi dave good vid. did you miss the tent i bet you did .keep up the good work. happy wild camping AG.

  21. David Murphy Says:

    Hey I missed your comments more where you been, nah didnt miss the tent at all I have just spent another night in the bivvy post coming very soon.

  22. Alan G Says:

    hI dave i am still living the dream mate . me and john are gowing to scotland in june for a spot of wild camping for a week. what y up to this year. happy wild camping . AG

  23. David Murphy Says:

    Hi Alan I’m planning a Scotland tour wildcamping and campsites mostly around lochs and lakes, In the next few weeks as I have some good time of soon.

  24. Alan G Says:

    well scotland here wee cum . wild camping. AG

  25. David Murphy Says:

    Hi Alan I didnt get to go as weather was shite, maybe on my next long break off.