Great End Lake District Cumbria

Its the 29th June 2011 Myself, Paul my usual Wildcamping partner and Chris this will be my second Wildcamp with Chris on a Hill right next to our first one Great Gable.

I Planned two Routes both of which are from Seathwaite one would take us past Styhead Tarn and Springling Tarn which was 4.4 miles but we all decided to take the shorter Route along Grains Gill below.  



Our Tents In The Mist


Cloud Over Great Gable


Out of the Breeze in Shelter


Myself Paul and Chris


Great End Looking Up Grains Gill

Scafell Pike from Great End

Looking Down to Springling Tarn from Great End

Great End
Great end.jpg
Great End from the top of Grains Gill
Elevation 910 m (2,986 ft)
Prominence 56 m (184 ft)
Parent peak Ill Crag
Listing Hewitt, Wainwright, Nuttall
Great End is located in Lake District
Great End
Cumbria,  England
Range Lake District, Southern Fells
OS grid NY226084
Coordinates 54°27′50″N 3°11′38″W / 54.464°N 3.194°W / 54.464; -3.194Coordinates: 54°27′50″N 3°11′38″W / 54.464°N 3.194°W / 54.464; -3.194
Topo map OS Landrangers 89, 90, Explorer OL6
Listed summits of Great End
Name Grid ref Height Status
Round How NY218081 741 m (2,431 ft) Nuttall

Great End is the most northerly mountain in the Scafell chain, in the English Lake District. From the south it is simply a lump continuing this chain. From the north, however, it is appears as an immense mountain, with an imposing north face rising above Sprinkling Tarn (lake). This is a popular location for wild camping, and the north face attracts many climbers.

Alfred Wainwright wrote of Great End in his Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells: "This is the true Lakeland of the fellwalker, the sort of terrain that calls him back time after time, the sort of memory that haunts his long winter exile. It is not the pretty places - the flowery lanes of Grasmere or Derwentwater's wooded bays - that keep him restless in his bed; it is the magnificent ones. Places like Great End..."[1]


The imposing north eastern cliffs, riven by gullies, rise some 600 ft from the Esk Hause path. Their orientation ensures that the sun rarely reaches them, the gullies often retaining snow well into the spring. From the left when viewed from below the principal fissures are South East Gully, Central Gully and Cust's Gully (see below). To the west of the cliffs a ridge descends more gradually in the general direction of Sty Head. This is known as The Band, and it too sports a harsh gash across its features. On the western side of The Band is the deep ravine of Skew Gill, a tributary of Wasdale-bound Lingmell Beck. At the base of The Band the ridge continues as the complex top of Seathwaite Fell, replete with numerous tarns.[1] The largest is Sprinkling Tarn with its beautifully indented shoreline providing perfect foreground for views of the cliff.

Sty Head is one of the focal points of the District for walkers. The name strictly applies to the col between Great End and Great Gable at a height of 1,560 ft, but is now more generally given to the path which crosses it. This connects two of the most popular starting points for walks in the high fells, Wasdale Head and Seathwaite. Sty Head is also a walker's crossroads with other paths leading direct up Great Gable and following the outflow of Sprinkling Tarn up to Esk Hause.

Westward from the summit Great End makes a rocky descent toward the arms of Lingmell Beck. This flank is crossed by the Corridor Route, the popular path to Scafell Pike from Sty Head. Above the path are the subsidiary top of Round How (a Nuttall) and the tiny, beautifully clear tarn of Lambfoot Dub.[2][3]

The southward ridge to the Scafells crosses a shallow saddle and then climbs over Ill Crag and Broad Crag, a well blazoned path leading across the stony terrain to the summit of Scafell Pike. To the east of the first depression is Calf Cove, its easy slopes leading down to Esk Hause.

The summit has two cairns of very similar height, that to the north west being nearer to the cliff edge and having the better view. Northwards along Borrowdale the vista is unsurpassed, but the whole panorama is excellent. The heads of the gullies can also be approached for startling views down the face.[1]


The summit is formed by the laminated volcaniclastic claystone and siltstone of the Esk Pike Formation overlying the dacitic welded lapilli-tuff of the Lincomb Tarns Formation. The latter is revealed in the great north front.[4]


Great End may be ascended from Sty Head Tarn via The Band (not to be confused with the more famous Band on Bowfell), from Wasdale Head along Lingmell Gill and Spouthead Gill, from Borrowdale via Grains Gill, from Great Langdale via Rossett Gill and Esk Hause, or from Eskdale. As an intermediate objective Great End may easily be climbed from the main path between Esk Hause and Scafell Pike, requiring only a detour of some 400 m.[3]

Cust's Gully[edit]

Cust's Gully at the western end of Great End's cliffs is named after 19th-century pioneer climber and sketcher Arthur Cust, a classical scholar from Yorkshire also known for his watercolour sketches of the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc. Cust's Gully is a Grade 1 rock climb, but a difficult obstacle for walkers ascending from Sprinkling Tarn. Cust's first winter ascent of the gully was recorded in 1880, although he is thought to have ascended it earlier.


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  1. John Says:

    Evening gentlemen I hope the weathers good for you and Dave your certainly get out and about don’t tell me steak and for tea lol

  2. Alan g Says:

    Hi lads looking good.I would love to be ther but work in the morning.have a good wild camp ag

  3. gabrielle g Says:

    hi Dave and the rest of the lads. Dave what u having 4 tea is it steak again lol. i do a lot of camping myself with my dad when av got the time ! we love going to wooler and the lakes , have u ever been in the black bull at wooler . it is good 4 a night out while ur up there . they have a good duke box it plays lots a.c.d.c and nile dimand mr redhead loves it lol. hi john when is UR next wild camp with me dad?my dad said whos daivd banner has he got my dads spoon or what he said lol . 🙂 GG

  4. gabrielle g Says:

    Hi Dave ( again) my dad said Chris could do with a good hair cut, to look like a wild camper lol . 🙂 GG

  5. northender2006 Says:

    Looks good, did the mist clear?

  6. terrybnd Says:

    How it go lads? I got a red sky at nite and a shepherds delight in morning on my bivvy 🙂

  7. David Murphy Says:

    Sorry for the lack of responses internet was poor, we are on our way home, good time had some views between the fog very little rain and wind .

  8. Paul Says:

    What Dave was trying to say that it pissed it down on the way up we got soaked but compared to our usual it was just a quick down pour we got some nice views when the cloud lifted or lowed (cloud inversion) enjoyed the crack and we all lived the dream

  9. David Murphy Says:

    Nah haven’t been in the black bull Gabrielle am sure that duke box rocks haha you can’t wack camping 🙂

  10. David Murphy Says:

    That doesn’t supprise me Terry bring that bivvy up north and put sleep in Pauls back garden see what you get 🙂

  11. David Murphy Says:

    Hi northender2006 it was clearing for brief times had us running around like mad getting our cameras out, now you see something now you don’t.

  12. David Murphy Says:

    Hi Alan maybe one day you 🙂

  13. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah steak for tea john and it was extra nice better than Chris’s.

  14. David Murphy Says:

    And Paul that familiar black cloud stuck to us like glue on the way up as per usual .

  15. gabrielle g Says:

    haha camping is mint 🙂 nothing beats camping like 🙂

  16. gabrielle g Says:

    so hows everyone doing? 🙂

  17. alan g Says:

    hi Dave and the rest of the lads did u enjoy the walk up great end? and did u film it 4 the rest of us all to view at a later date. Dave when is the video out of hedgehop and all that u got up to? because me and john fancy that to be our next wild camp! happy wild camping 🙂

  18. Paul Says:

    Dave I think you maybe tired your comments make no sense or is that me on the brandy oh well…..

    Loved Great End some fantasic views even better with the company Mad Murph. and that crazy Chris.

    My legs are killing but off tomorrow for a hike with the other half bloody hell (dead for Saturday)

    Hopefully I have video footage for a very entertaining watch hopefully soon.

    bit of a joke going on our last trip lol…………..but erm if you like Murphys web site and chris’s blog then check out this site total views 1 million please feel free to erm follow me on twitter, youtube or my blog just google daveswildcampin for twitter daveswildcamping for youtube or for the trip report coming at a later date after my video pmsl

    Sorry Dave had to get that in and if anyone is in the lakes this weekend look out for “Daves Wild Camping” plane going past with the banner on the back 😉

  19. kilburnicus Says:

    Now then dudes.
    I’ve just woke up,got in about 1pm from ingleborough.
    Similar weather in the the dales
    went straight to bed.
    I’ve been sleeping the dream.

  20. David Murphy Says:

    Hi Gabreille camping is the best and with wildcamping we take it that step furthur been able to pitch your tent where you like, no noisey neigbours and its cheap 🙂

  21. David Murphy Says:

    Alan there will be a vid soon and the Hedgehope hill vid I will try and make a on it tomorrow.

  22. David Murphy Says:

    Did u camp in my favorite spot on ingleborough killy

  23. David Murphy Says:

    There you go again with your link Paul if it wasn’t for the pint and Bacon sarny I would be classing this a spam.

  24. Paul Says:

    Killer you do know your becoming famous for your “living the dream” words I put money on it everyone will be saying it in there youtube videos

  25. alan g Says:

    hahaha 🙂

  26. David Murphy Says:

    Living the dream LTD 😉

  27. kilburnicus Says:

    All I’ve done since yesterday,is sleep’
    I’ve been dreaming the dream.

  28. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah killy this hiking and wild camping takes it out of is oldies

  29. kilburnicus Says:

    Yep,I’m feeling my age alright,it’s true.
    When I was dreaming,I kept seeing the following words;
    THE MUSS 78,
    THE MUSS 28,
    Can’t think why.

  30. David Murphy Says:

    Divent go advertise his site he gets enough publicity lol.

  31. Chris sumner Says:

    I’m about 5 mins in with my video… Just started a new intro

    I think you will find my steak was the best Dave,

    Hopfully get it finished tonight

    Follow Dave on twitter



    Or daveswildcamping on YouTube

    LTD living the dream !!!!!

  32. gabrielle g Says:

    hi Dave how u doing ?? 🙂

  33. David Murphy Says:

    Mine was the better matured an extra 15 mins that yours.

  34. David Murphy Says:

    Hi Gabrielle am good hopefully finish my Hedgehope hill today.

  35. alan g Says:

    hi dave where is hedgehope vid happy wild camping ag

  36. David Murphy Says:

    It’s a two part vid I have had bother with the wind been trying filters to reduce it, the only other option was to mute the sound and add music which I couldn’t be bothered with, I am rendering the second part now will upload it tomorrow.

  37. alan g Says:

    Hi Dave no bother Dave i can not wait , Dave i have just bought a ospray ruck sack what do you think of them as i know y have one yourself i Dave got ether 70. Bit of back pain with it but it is ok how do you find yours?

  38. David Murphy Says:

    Hi Alan mines the argon its a 70L but its extra large so more like a 80 L its good but heavy and I would like a good quality 50L or summit and lighten my load I nearly kill meself when I go hiking lol

  39. alan g Says:

    hi dave me and john have the same problem. just to heavy

  40. David Murphy Says:

    Hi Alan am on with my hedghope hill vid part one is done and part two Is uploading as we speak.

  41. Alan g Says:

    Hi dave going to look now, happy camping, ag

  42. alan g Says:

    hi dave that was top draw keep up the good work ag

  43. David Murphy Says:

    It will be a few days before the Great End Vid is ready like.

  44. David Murphy Says:

    Kilburnicus you are well famous your name is mentioned universally in vids haha

  45. David Murphy Says:

    Video is available to view dont be shy to tell me your views on it 🙂

  46. John Says:

    Band of brothers Dave living the dream great video

  47. David Murphy Says:

    Cheers John 🙂

  48. John Says:

    Hi Dave when’s your next camp out ?

  49. David Murphy Says:

    Possibley next week John.

  50. Alan g Says:

    Hi dave good vid keep it up happy wild camping a

  51. David Murphy Says:

    Thanks Alan

  52. gabrielle g Says:

    hi Dave good video even better stir fry hope u enjoyed it it looked fab happy wild camping 🙂

  53. David Murphy Says:

    It was lush Gabrielle and I had great company.

  54. gabrielle g Says:

    hi dave thats good, well see y later, happy camping gg

  55. gabrielle g Says:

    hi Dave gabs again whens Ur next camping trip r u going away this weekend??? and sorry for the spelling mistake . is ur next trip wif paul and chris ??? happy wild camping 🙂

  56. David Murphy Says:

    Hi gabby no my next one will most probs be alone next week unless you care to join me haha

  57. gabrielle g Says:

    haha 🙂

  58. John Says:

    Hi Dave the weathers all too pot heavy down pours not much fun camping out in this hope the weather improves I’ve got two weeks off in august fingers crossed

  59. David Murphy Says:

    Camping in the rain….. I don’t know much else lol hope the weather is good for you in august then John 🙂

  60. John Says:

    Hi Dave me too its the 2nd and 3rd week of august if your off somewhere on those weeks give me a shout

  61. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah I will let you know mate we can arrange summit a bit nearer the time no probs.

  62. John Says:

    Hi Dave no problem reference your site do you think it could do with a response page instead of messages being added to your camping blogs

  63. David Murphy Says:

    I don’t mind, may add summit else later,

  64. John Says:

    I think it would possibly get a few more people posting messages it absolutely chucking it down here at the moment what’s happened to the summer so you mentioned a wild campnext week Dave would it be back in the lakes again ?

  65. David Murphy Says:

    Quite possibley John there’s a little hill with what looks like a 360 view that I have fancied for a bit.

  66. John Says:

    Sounds good Dave we live in quite a good area to be as we have the lake district Yorkshire and Scotland right on our door step we normally have a family camp in north wales thees some stunning places in wales

  67. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah we do and yes I drove from brecon beacon in the south right to snowdonia and camped out along the way over nearly aweek and loved it.

  68. John Says:

    Yes snowdonia lovely if you get off the Beaton track so what made you get into wild camping Dave

  69. David Murphy Says:

    I was sitting on the west coast of Scotland with my then girlfriend having a barbecue looking over to isle of Arran and was talking about saying I would love to hike and camp on places like that, then a few months later we were on Arran camping and hiking up Goat Fell the highest peak in the northern part of the island.
    And the rest is History.

    I used to have dreams of me lying on a hillside at night with a breeze blowing over my face and a nice sound of the wind, feeling at peace with nature, I believe in people having previous lives if not through spirit through memories like a memory gene being past on hundreds maybe thousands of years.
    Camping has always been with me from been in the cot with my twin sister, my parents took me away every year of my life growing up and I loved it.

  70. John Says:

    Interesting stuff Dave I know what you mean for me it’s the getting away from the mundane modern world with the greedy modern human who seems to be only interested in money I think it’s great being away from that when we are in the hills everyone is Equal we help each other get to our goal being the top Of the hill also when night comes in theres a new view as it all looks so different at night then you get the stars shining bright as living in the city spoils this it’s just great

  71. David Murphy Says:

    It’s the peace of wildcamping away from drunks fighting, not been told where to pitch and having those amazing views and then there’s the challenge of the whole thing exspecially doing it alone can give you a different kind of buzz.
    Starry nights the best one I ever had was the first night I had alone in a valley in the Cheviots a few years ago and have never seen one quite the same sinse.

  72. Paul Says:

    pmsl hey crazy horse you go aw ay most times with a alcho lol crazy as they come drunks lol and you still enjoy it oh well i must be a good drunk pmsl

  73. John Says:

    Morning lads not too bad a morning ive never wildcamped alone but can imagine what it’s like Especially pushing yourself to get to your goal it’s easier with two of you as you interact and it helps when that bloody house and all your belonging are on your back are weighing you down funny that but the Cheviots are great for stars theres only one thing I’d like to do is get my good lady to come out for one night then she will see what I mean. But I will just keep trying lol so take heed Miss H if your reading this lol.

  74. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah Paul I bet you were drunk writing that one 2.45am 😉

  75. David Murphy Says:

    I never seen many last time I was there like, i think its better nearer the end of the year September October better clear skys.

  76. John Says:

    Hi Dave your right autumn nights. Are great for stars Dave when you went up the Cheviots did you see the wild goats I saw them for the first time this year amazing looking rough rugged looking animals and our last camp out at auchope cairn seen a big adder got a couple of good pictures

  77. David Murphy Says:

    Never seen any goats John the only rough and rugged thing on them hills was me, as for the snake I would shit me pants haha

  78. John Says:

    Lol I like the wildlife plenty up the Cheviots. Ravens buzzards herons skylarks owls on the lowlands as regards adders the normally slither off when us dirty humans arrive lol

  79. David Murphy Says:

    I like the wildlife too that’s why I take Paul along 🙂

  80. John Says:

    I think pauls keeping a low profile with this Paula thing lol

  81. David Murphy Says:

    Think he’s scared to admit he likes being called that.

  82. John Says:

    Lol as long as he doesn’t start borrowing his wife stockings and panties lol

  83. David Murphy Says:

    Now that would be a site with his white legs lol

  84. Paul Says:

    Pmsl oi am nee tranny but I would still look good if I had our lasses stockings on lol dave you would loook like a big bird hehehe

  85. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah I agree u would look better.

  86. John Says:

    Hi Lads
    Another wild camp then Dave I hope the weathers on the up it should be

  87. David Murphy Says:

    Not sure john its pending other happenings.