Hedgehope Hill The Cheviots

Wild Camp 26th June 2011 Alone on Hedgehope Hill in the Cheviots.

I set off on my one hour twenty minutes drive to a place called Langleeford and Harthope Burn a love valley in The Cheviots my sat nav took me on this track off the A697 to North Middleton which wasnt really suitable for my car, after coming to a grinding halt moving forward or backward was making a scraping noise underneath on investigation there was a boulder jamed between my exhaust and petrol tank not good.
Taking another turn brought me in this nice place after parking up I was on my way upto Hedgehope Hill where I would spend the night on the summit, a wrong path and half eaten by swarms of flies and covered in mud off boggy ground it was hard going under feet I reach the base of the hill.
The hill proved very steep but seemed to go on forever longer than I expected, on climbing The Cheviot years before from the steapest side this didnt appear any less tiring.
After another few sprays of my Insect repellent, this by now had wash off my sunscreen, I arrived at the summit to strong winds which were only really present where I wanted to pitch my tent.

“Just got to summit about 4.20pm, winds are so strong I’m hiding in the wind shelter dare not take my tent out of the backpack its that bad, this is not like me. I would say for certain this has to be the strongest I have witnessed this shelter is a godsend”. That was the comment on my live blog 🙂

I waited about and hour or two huddled amonst the rocky shelter where it was warm and wind free I made a brew of tea and had a tuna steak and sweetcorn and pondered. I decided to go for it pegging out my Akto I proceeded to slide through the pole and couldnt manage to clip it into the cup, seemed to be about 3 inches extra pole, I stuggled for a while on two occasions and gave up If I proceeded I think I would have ended up damaging the pole, back to another brew in the shelter to watch my poleless tent get lashed about, I gave this plenty of thought I really liked where I was pitched but had to bite the bullet and grab tight a hold of the guy wires unpeg the tent and take it about 30ft away on the east side of the shelter where the wind barely exsisted.
Tent up it was now about 9.30pm out came the Steak and stir-fry and another brew.
Soaking in the views I new the view of a nice sunset wouldnt happen for me, one there was low cloud over the horizon and two there was a huge hill called The Cheviot in front of me.
I retired to my sleeping bag around 11.30 I think, I tossed and turned a few hours which what I believe was zero sleep, I notice a few flashes of lightening on the coast south east of me this was 2.30am I sat there with the door open and watched it become lighter, I was out the tent by 3.30am taking some snaps, packed my tent away about 5am and was off to meet the flies whom were waiting for me in the hundreds buzzing around my head the whole way down to the car,  the route back was about a mile less and much easier going that the one a took up, you will be able to see this from the screenshots from my satmap.

Thanks for all of you that took part in posting comments on my live blog it was really good banter and I really enjoyed reading them it passed the night away well 🙂

Video will appears  soon. 


Hedgehop Hill Trig Point



Hedgehope Hill Route 3.05 miles

Struggling getting Pole In wish I’d left it till later.




It’s Up Haha


Yum Stir Fry


As Live as it gets taken 22.10


3am Cannot sleep am amazed at how light it is outside.


3.20am My view Outside The Tent


3.20am My view Outside The Tent


4.53am Worth Waiting For


5am my last am off 🙂


5.55am Cloud Inversion 🙂


Route Up Hedgehope Hill


Route Back from Hedgehope Hill

 Hedgehope Hill Video

Part One

Part Two

Coordinates: 55°28′19″N 2°05′25″W / 55.47195°N 2.09039°W / 55.47195; -2.09039

Hedgehope Hill
Hedgehope Hill is located in Northumberland
Hedgehope Hill

 Hedgehope Hill shown within Northumberland
OS grid reference NT9438619796
List of places: UK • England • Northumberland

Hedgehope Hill is a mountain in the Cheviot Hills of North Northumberland in North East England and categorised as a Hewitt.

At a height of 714 metres (2,343 ft) and a distance of about 3 miles (4.8 km) from the Scottish border, it is best climbed from Langleeford in the Harthorpe Valley, over which it looms. A slightly gentler climb, though a longer distance is from Linhope, approaching from the south east. An alternative route to the summit could involve a long days climb of both the Cheviot and Hedgehope Hill starting and finishing at Langleeford. It is a steep climb from any approach, best reserved for fitter walkers though the steepest inclines are not long in distance.

Hedgehope has steeper sides than the taller but flatter topped Cheviot and affords excellent views on all sides. On a clear day, views stretch to Blyth down the coastline up to 40 miles (60 km) away.

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84 Responses to “Hedgehope Hill The Cheviots”

  1. David Murphy Says:

    Winds are manic.

  2. terrybnd Says:

    Can you stand up in the winds OK, mate?

  3. John Says:

    Hi Dave we nearly decided to go to hedgehope but went to cheviot instead if the winds are too bad there Dave go down to the valley below which is up from Langley ford follow the burn up the valley and you will come to a little water fall a great place to pitch the tent we’ve camped there a few times we left the Cheviots today and it was blood y boiling so hope you’ve packed sun cream also Dave where did you start from hedgehope is best summited from Ingram valley I now this area very well as I lived around there for 21 years so happy camping Dave will keep following the blogs

  4. David Murphy Says:

    Nah terry it pushes you all over like I’m warm in this stone shelter at the min but not gonna attempt to pull my tent out the bag yet, I’m having a brew it may blow itself out. There wasnt that much warning I came up the hill on the east side the steepest side, and when I got to the top woosh.

  5. David Murphy Says:

    Hi john , I’m parked near Langleeford it was 4 miles up to summit, 360 view nice spot , the Cheviot been on there before and its probley my least favorite hill ever haha

  6. David Murphy Says:

    And john I intend to stay on here bollocks with the valleys I have Paula I mean Pauls attitude when it comes to wildcamping and summits

  7. Chris sumner Says:

    I reckon it will die down Dave… Just get some more cups of teas down ur neck
    Maybe a bit of steak !!

  8. kilburnicus Says:

    Just got back from Heron Pike about,5 mins ago.No wind,just pea soup fog and warm with it.
    Hope u r ok Dave,bring it on,that’s my attitude n all,it’s all part of the fun.
    I can’t get enough of it,me.
    Been looking at the atko and noticed,the vent above front door,which can be bent like a coat hanger,has a guy line attatchment.Called into The Climbers Shop at Ambleside,they only had the spare line,not the attatchments,nearly £17.
    Been drooling over the rab sleeping bags,absolutely gorgious,in the bargain basement of the expedition shop,the second hand winter ones were going for £200,so tempted,but resisted.
    Cooking tip,ere,last night,put garlic & herb chicken fillets in the fryer,awsome.Cooked really quick,try it,u’r taste buds will have an orgasm,trust me.
    Chris,looked for that jacket to try on,for size,none there,sometime even a XXL jacket can be too small for me.Got u’r email Chris,gonna reply shortly.

  9. Chris sumner Says:

    Ok Killy thanks think I found it on google maps …

  10. David Murphy Says:

    I no Chris It seems to be easing a bit gonna give it a wee longer before a put down the tent, I’m not telling you what’s for suppa its secret you will see later 😛

  11. David Murphy Says:

    Killy u been camping again your always at it 🙂

  12. Paul Says:

    Dave your the same soon as you don’t have me you start getting scared of the winds there only like 20mph man up and get your tent out pmsl I bet you took no booze (I don’t know) enjoy mate

  13. David Murphy Says:

    I think The Cheviot hill is gonna swallow up my sunset 🙁 who put that there 🙁

  14. John Says:

    Hi Dave the cheviot will blank out the sun set hows the wind Going Dave

  15. kilburnicus Says:

    Just been to u’r utube sight and can’t watch u’r vid till after midnight.
    I’ve exceeded my limit
    This dongle’ goin.
    My flat is 3 year old and fitted up for sky,must get of my fat dish next week and make the call.
    At least u r gettin the views,all I saw was fog.
    Right,time to empty my rucksack and spread the tent over the floor.It’ll be there for 2 – 3 days minimum.

  16. David Murphy Says:

    Wind is bad John I started to errect the tent and cannot finish it off I’m stuck in limbo 🙁

  17. David Murphy Says:

    Killy Think I prefer fog to this at min mate.

  18. David Murphy Says:

    Paul its the first time I have become worried for my tent we haven’t touched this whilst errecting a tent.

  19. John Says:

    That’s the trouble with hedgehope theres no cover plus If your there by yourself it’s even harder if your really stuck Dave go to where I suggested I’ve checked your map and it’s marked on there It’s called harthope linn it’s really good there Dave room for 3 tents

  20. David Murphy Says:

    Hi john am gonna ride it out there’s a blank cloud coming in now love to get the pole in around now .

  21. John Says:

    No problem dave you will be ok once you get your tent up keep us informed Dave

  22. David Murphy Says:

    Three tents… there’s only daft poor me john

  23. John Says:

    Lol I’ve never wild camped alone it will probably be an early night lol last night me and Alan where up till 1 this morning just bloody good crack but but we’ve camped at harthope linn before it’s bloody lovely there

  24. kilburnicus Says:

    Well,I smell like I slept in a sewer.
    Time for a shower,I think.
    It’s,so strange to see,that Akto goin up.
    I slept in an Akto last night.
    Enjoy and savour,evey single minute.
    I do.
    It makes u feel,so alive.

  25. Chris sumner Says:

    Living the dream ….

  26. David Murphy Says:

    I passed through I lovely valley near a river and nice grass there was a sign saying no over night stay is that where you mean john

  27. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah killy it does when you can sleep that is I thought I had bent the pole a bit think its curved more than before lol, had to move the tent behind the trig the wind a lot less there.

  28. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah Chris all alone on this hill its quiet mind you will out Paul.

  29. Paul Says:

    Dave checked weather and it says “Dave is a pussy” and wants to go valley sleeping lol (thats what that sign said) I think you forgetting Whernside you know me and you trying to put your tent up in winds wet and cold?? or the worst wind ever Kidsty pike??? mate was forecast 60mph max gust your forecast is 20mph pmsl I’m going to stop hanging around with ya cause you giving us Hardcore Northeast lads a bad name now get that tent up and live the dream lol

  30. kilburnicus Says:

    What a suprise
    Last night,after I had my garlic and herb chicken fillets,in the fryer.
    I had 2 sirloin steaks.
    The stuff,
    dreams r made of.
    bu bum.
    I smell like an angel,had me shower.
    Total luxury.

  31. John Says:

    Hi Dave nice bit of tucker you have there no where you mention is right down the valley what you need to do is follow the river upstream harthope linn is where you need to be it a great spot it’s also marked on your map you’ve posted online Dave safe camping I am heading off to bed soon as I am bloody knackered so an early night is in order also my face is glowing got done off the sun today

  32. kilburnicus Says:

    The Cursed Muss.
    Evil One.
    I’m from The North East.
    Dormans Town.
    To be precise.
    So there.
    I’ve worked out,what u’r problem is.
    The Cursed Muss,is sat at home.
    Sticking pins in an ephargy of U.
    Preying for bad weather.
    He,even has a model of u’r tent.
    He,can’t help himself.
    That’s what he does.
    It’s his nature.

  33. Chris sumner Says:

    Well I’m led in my Pit watching COAST and reading your live blog… I’m itching to get outdoors now
    cmmoonnnnn Tuesday

  34. David Murphy Says:

    Next Tuesday Chris ? where you going or is it a secret

  35. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah must have been imaging it all Paul or it could have been those beans I had before I left the house 😮

  36. Alan g Says:

    In dave did you have a good night on the hills ag

  37. David Murphy Says:

    Goodnight John cheers for your help earlier and thanks for your input 🙂

  38. Paul Says:

    oi crazy Killer last time I was down your way the bloke who my mate visited had a cell door on his kip what the fuck!!! it wasn’t you was it pmsl all am going to say is can I have a go of your shot gun…..?

    Chris you fancy a wildcamp when you get back? might be awkward but let me know might be able to sort some shit out

    After Dave survives his 80 mph winds as long as his tent is ok think he might be up fro some good weather camping pmsl

  39. David Murphy Says:

    Killy I bet you smell like a whores handbag, you want to smell these armpits and see what a Propper man’s smells off haha

  40. David Murphy Says:

    Hi Alan im on it now .

  41. David Murphy Says:

    Paula Good weather camping with you….. Where you get that shit from ???????

  42. kilburnicus Says:

    Hope u have a good n Chris.
    Just hope The Evil Muss,doesn’t put the mockers on it.
    U know,what he’s like.
    He,probably has an ephargy of u n all.
    Good camping,bad camping,u get memories to last a lifetime.
    Have a bad experience,when u get a goodn all the sweeter,.
    It’s a thing of value,then.
    I don’t want Caviar evey time,I go wildcamping.
    I don’t want to know what I’m gonna get.
    That’s,the pull for me.

  43. Chris sumner Says:

    Muss I think I might have time before the wedding mate, need to see when the misses is working
    To make sure I have the car, I will ask her tomorrow to give me an idea…

    I don’t want to say it’s 100% until I have spoken to the boss 

    Right I’m off to bed, we are an hour a head here in Denmark and I’m up at 04:30 uk time


    living the Danish dream

    Have a good night Dave AKA “DIRTY ROONEY”

  44. John Says:

    Hi Dave no problem Have a great night save journey back good night fellow campers one more thing dave I took my Sony cybershot camera with us and filmed our camp is it quite easy to attach short film together it’s been shot in mp4format Id like to get it onto YouTube

  45. Alan g Says:

    Hi dave me and John our up ther on the next wild camp

  46. Paul Says:

    well am off all this week but have shit to do let me know if you can or can’t tell the boss you need to push the limits of wildcamping shit weather and we shall have us some gales and rain……

    Dave well a forecast is a forecast and its being near on everytime for me I go away knowing its shit weather but 9 mph winds? unless they missed the 0 off shit mate 90mph winds becareful did you take booze?

    Killer I’m making a doll of you as we speak becareful mate or you shall have my luck and see shit from the tops lol and then you will be living the nightmare not the dream lol….anyways when you going to grace us with your presence and come on a proper hardcore pissed up shitty weather wildcamp ?????

    right am off for now I need a sweat up on the bed with our lass and a shitty movie and well a drink of the brandy ice and coke 😉

  47. Alan g Says:

    Hi dave have A god night on the hill happy camping ag

  48. David Murphy Says:

    The internet is not to good from my tent, am up in the stones to get a better signal, I thank you killy , Chris, Paul John Alan and Terry for posting here tonight and I will answer any question later.

  49. kilburnicus Says:

    Like,I say
    Paul Dude,
    we all have our work,commitments.
    Just take Chris for example,
    in these harsh times,we all have our bills to pay.
    I’d love to go on a wildcamp and get pissed up with u.
    The worse the weather,the better.
    Bring it on.
    It’ll happen.
    It’ll be a good laugh.
    that’s for sure.
    Everybody on this blog,should get together,it would be a truly unforgetable,amazing event.
    It already worries me,that I couldn’t make it,because of work.
    Things,like that,mean so much to me.
    I reckon,it would would,benefit us all to meet up.
    So much to learn,from each other.
    I am now,wildcamping evey fortnight,so I’ll be away in 2 Saturdays.
    Just one last thing,it really hurts me,when asked to turn up and I can’t,because of work.
    That hurts,that,I wanna be on the wildcamp.
    Anyway,if we ever meet up Paul,u’ll be drink’n ye brandy,I’ll be drink’n whisky.
    Hopefully it’ll happen in the future.

  50. Paul Says:

    for the avent Ill take Dram. thats whiskey in a softer state only thing I can drink RAW only thing is I can’t stop when started pmsl we are all meeting up Killy at Terrybnd social meet in August meet up and piss up cant better it mate

  51. kilburnicus Says:

    That would be a really good laugh,I’ve watch’d im on utube drink.
    Laughed out loud.
    trippn over the log.
    u r a long time dead.
    Get the liv’n in.
    Please let me know the date and i’ll get a hol form in asap.
    I really,wanna be there.
    I have to be there.
    That,really means a lot to me,Paul.

  52. David Murphy Says:

    3.08am wide awake had alarm set for 4.30 for the sunrise what’s the point when I never sleep, its canny light may put kettle on.

  53. David Murphy Says:

    Am surrounded by alcholics. 😮

  54. David Murphy Says:

    Tired but………
    Living the Dream 😉

  55. John Says:

    Morning Dave what a morning and I am going to work should be up there lol now do you like the cheviot range it’s bloody amazing when you get weather like you have I am just glad you now seen the Cheviots for what they are bloody amazing

  56. chris sumner Says:

    Another Cloud inversion !!! youre hitting the jackpot in this last couple of weeks dave

    Dont worry dave i dont drink much anyway..im more a tea man myself as well (as paul and Killy are cursing me now 🙂 )

    did you say your going to the meet in august ??


    may be looking good for wednesday…Dave you interested??

    will find out mid dayish today….i should get home tuesday afternnon

    first time to try out the Dragonfly..and a big FOOOOK OFF piece on 100 day cured STANLEY STTEEAAKKKK

  57. David Murphy Says:

    Hi John I remembered why I hadn’t been back since 2008 its them bloody flies once on the summit there was none, leaving the summit I was nearly eaten alive, l got used to them after a while buzzing around me head, I had suncream and insect repellent but trying to use both together doesn’t work to good I ended a bit burnt.

  58. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah Chris seen quite a few forming around differnt hills its ideal area to see em, Wednesday will be pushing it for me I have blisters I need to wash all me stuff and I don’t even have any power in the house to get it started , I cannot promise till later on, where u thinking of going.

  59. David Murphy Says:

    Paul this wind I had might have just been magnified in my mind been by myself and all that shit knowone to hold ya hand and keep ya reet lol.

  60. chris sumner Says:

    Not sure yet mate, im easy as long as the weather looks ok, and i get clearence off the boss 🙂
    im easy…

  61. chris sumner Says:

    Get them blisters sorted Murphy and your clothes washed…were going wild camping

    might as well make the most of it now, because when you are working again, and can only squeeze one or two in a month ..you will be CANNY PISSED OFF LYYKKEE

  62. David Murphy Says:

    You wanting to go to the lakes like ?

  63. chris sumner Says:

    I will go anywhere Dave, the world is are oyster (or should i say steak)

    as long as we have the tents i can go anywhere mate

    lets do it

  64. David Murphy Says:

    Well we could do that Great End is that the one we were gonna do and you could go ? there should be room for three tents on there mate, is Paula coming ?

  65. John Says:

    Hi dave lol I don’t want to held responsible for this Paula thing lol how the rest of your day been you had a great spell of weather did you come back via harthope linn

  66. Alan g Says:

    Hi dave did you have a good wild camp. Hi John well you think that the hulk has got my spoon . Do you think I will get it back lol . So save how did your night go it look like you did not have much sleep.

  67. Alan g Says:

    Happy wild camping. A g

  68. Alan g Says:

    I ment dave I can not see this I pod properly with my dogey mince pies lol. A g

  69. Paul Says:

    murphy dude you got a thing for great end? is that the top secret location lol

  70. David Murphy Says:

    Hi John I was that exhausted by I got to the car I don’t no if I passed it or not or how I got home for that matter, not a wink of sleep.

  71. David Murphy Says:

    It was good Wildcamp Alan but sometimes I wonder why I go when I never sleep 🙁

  72. David Murphy Says:

    And Paul I new I could depend on you to keep a secret.

  73. John Says:

    Hi Dave have you recharged your batteries its going to be a couple of weeks for another wild camp for me are you and Paul up for another wild camp

  74. David Murphy Says:

    Yeah how did u guess, Chris is joining us this time should be good am looking forward to it, my legs are still aching from this one.

  75. John Says:

    Nice one Dave might join you and Paul sometime We are in newcastle but as you know its great when there no more than 3

  76. Alan g Says:

    I dave but it is greart bar the sleep deprivation. Hi John who is David banner ha ha wild camping rules a g

  77. Alan g Says:

    Hi dave the best thing to get straight to sleep is 8 cans of scrumpy jack. And one or two g n tonics that will put ur lights out for a good nights sleep in ur tent. Lol. Happy wild camping ag

  78. David Murphy Says:

    We don’t mind travelling for a good Wildcamp john, Yeah three is ideal still like my solo camps aswel like.

  79. David Murphy Says:

    Hi Alan I slept better on my last Wildcamp on great end probs my best night sleep wildcamping thanks to some tablets from doctor. I explained to him that I need summit to help me sleep whilst out wildcamping he replied ” Wildcamping hmmm I new that was you… Your that Daveswildcamping guy off YouTube”

  80. David Murphy Says:

    Part One of vid is on part two uploading 🙂

  81. John Says:

    Hi Dave two great vids there must take time to edit and then post whens your next camp out ? Getting back to your last message about a smaller bag I know what you mean but I think we take just what we need and I cannot think of anything I could leave behind the zoom on your camera is amazing it zoomed onto holy island very well some great views from hedgehope where in Scotland do you fancy ?

  82. David Murphy Says:

    I’m the same I look at what I take and cannot see what I could leave behind the only other option is make lighter what you have, my food alone for this trip weighed 2kg as I planned on 2 nights , I carried 4 litres of water as don’t fancy drinking the muck in the cheviots unless absolutley necessary. Scotland well anywhere for me.

  83. Bob Glass Says:

    Hi Dave
    Just done Hedgehope today (13 months after you did it for the video) with my eldest son and my husky dog. It is 38 years since I last did it and I had forgotten how steep it is (steeper than Hellvellyn via Wythburn Church I think) We went up the same route as you and I confess to numerous breathers on the way up. Summit spoiled by low cloud, but the wind on the top was crazy: the shelter was a haven of tranquility. I was perplexed, why didn’t the gale blow the cloud away? Nice walk, bit clarty but the flies were a pest, made me grateful for the wind: the hordes of Satan would have eaten me alive if it had been calm! Started the ascent at 1045, steady up, steady down and back to the sheepfold above Langleeford at 1410. Not bad for a middle aged fat lad! Might do some of your other walks, might even wild camp!
    Thanks for the videos, I enjoyed them.


    Bob Glass

  84. David Murphy Says:

    I remembered the route up to be boggy in places and the flies were menacing as no wind was felt on the way up only on the summit, thanks for your comment and pleased you enjoyed your trip up 😉