Solo Wildcamping Entertainer

Posted in Solo Wildcamping Entertainer on June 5th, 2015 by David Murphy

I haven’t been out in around a month so a solo was needed. It just so happens it was the Valley of Steak for two days.
When I arrived the sun was beating down so I tossed my 4 cans in the river to cool whilst I unpacked the Nemo Moki SE “Soaked Edition”. Then it clouded over but no rain was felled. It cleared later to reveal stars which were in all night. It was Ribeye steak for two days with mushrooms red onions and some brown sauce.

Peace and tranquillity as I never saw a soul in the valley for two whole days, benefits from weekday camping over weekends. Just me and my mates the sheep for company.
Don’t think I had a drop of rain for the two days I was here. As I’m writing this blog I have already been out shopping for bits and bobs for a return to the valley. We’ll see you there.

Daveswildcamping, loved by some hated by others and misunderstood by the rest.

Enjoy the video below