Two Camps, Two Steaks

Posted in Two Camps two Steaks on April 24th, 2015 by David Murphy





On the 11th April 2015 it’s the weekend again and it was another quick Moors camp in a local guaranteed quiet spot. I can park my car nearby and pitch here and not be bothered by any walkers. The only sounds I here are the game birds.
After seem sealing The Nemo Moki again days before this Wildcamp it was time to test it out again in the same location without any vestibules. Pitched in the same spot facing the same way I thought things went well with just a few spots of water in the same corner as before, the rain was light on and off all night.
I could have lived with this until a few hours later it started more heavily on and off snow mostly then I noticed the trough along the bottom of the door on the Nemo Moki filling with water after unzipping the mesh.
I have seamed sealed this area on both doors, the other door remained bone dry as last time but again the wind and driving rain was on the leaking side.
I have emailed Nemo the other day and no response as yet.
Back to the camp, well I didn’t cook my steak last night as without having the vestibules with me I expected cooking outside near the trig and it started raining, I was dog tired anyway and had an early night.

No sunrise again as just like last time I had on the moors due to low cloud.
Speaking to Rob last night we were planning something for the next day, I had two places in mind one I had camped before and the other I had often passed on the way to the Lake District but never got around to checking out.
I met Rob at my place he picked me up in his car and we drove the North Pennines route through Stanhope, we decided on checking the area out I talked about which I haven’t tried yet.
After pitching on a flat area overlooking a great view of the Lake District. Weather was great apart from an early shower but it dried up and the cloud cleared and we had a great sunset and a starry night.
For the evening meal which my guest Rob provided was Ribeye Steak, stir fry and Peppercorn sauce.
I took a long the Hilleberg Saivo as opposed to the soaked Nemo Moki and Rob had his MLD Trailstar. We both had mat problems, Rob ‘ s was going down from the off which Is the Exped UL5 I believed and mine was ok till morning. I put my problems down to a frosty night early on I put extra air into it and by morning it warmed up considerably and pressure was high in my Neoair Xtherm. We both kneeled on the mat and it popped some baffles, delamination which I have suffered with previous Neoair mats. “Two fat bastards sitting on a mat isnt a good idea” if forces a high pressure of air to the head end of the mat causing overload on the welded baffle seams.
This doesn’t worry me as the ball is already in motion for a brand new replacement under Thermorest/Cascade Designs lifetime warranty.

A great camp with loads of laughs with Rob and I hope Rob enjoyed it as much. Till the next time ATB.
Watch my video below