Tarn of Steak

Posted in Tarn of Steak on April 15th, 2015 by David Murphy

On the 2nd April 2015 myself the No.1 Daveswildcamping and Julie the Sexy Camper planned 3 days Wildcamping. The first two would be in the Lost Valley of Steak and then we would head off to Tarn of Steak.
We arrived at the valley in darkness with luxury, the Hilleberg Saivo. After putting up the tent and lighting a firelog it was the evening meal, we brought in a barbecue to cook a few burgers with lashings of red onions and a good cheese.
A lovely cheesecake and cream for pudding which was real nice.
We had a lovely evening with patchy cloud but we did see some stars, the rain didn’t start till later after we were tucked up in our bags.
Breakfast would be bacon, mushrooms, eggs and Walls baked sausages.
After a few hours spent wandering in the local town we headed back to camp to soak up nature.
The evening meal of the second night would be a light meal of cheese & crackers with Jalapeno Chili jam and some grapes. We had half the cheesecake from last night for dessert.
The following morning we didn’t cook breakfast and headed off to Witherspoons in Keswick for a large breakfast well worth the money and very satisfying.
Today we had planned a long trek to a tarn which was new to us both and we named it Tarn of Steak.
A beautiful place we couldn’t believe we were totally alone here on a Easter weekend, we never saw a soul until the following afternoon just before packing away.
Back to the evening well it was steak time, Julie had a piece of Fillet I had Sirloin with mushrooms which we cooked first then we threw in some uncle Ben veggy rice and poured over some Peppercorn sauce which was lovely, dessert would be a lemon cheese cake.
After the sun had set, in the darkness to the East Julie shouted what’s that and we saw a glow appearing on the horizon which I said we are in for a moon rise and we had to wait around 30 mins later to see the moon appear over the hill which you will see in my video, amazing.
The following morning I didn’t know where to point my camera as I had the sunrise now on the east and the moon we had seen rising on the east was now going down on the west right above Great Gable, it’s the first time I have had a moon rising on video and to capture it go down the following morning.
Me Julie and Gizmo were up early around 6am to see these great sights so we decided on hiking up a couple of local Wainrights before breakfast. We laze around for hours the three of us, Gizmo had a dip in the tarn to cool off as the sun soured down, we couldn’t believe this was the beginning of April.
I will be visiting again here some day that I’m sure, as me and Julie had an amazing time.
Gizmo loved it here also and we had a struggle getting him moved for the trek back.

Thanks for listening
Watch my video below