Lake District

Posted in Lake District on March 30th, 2015 by David Murphy

20th and 21st March it was a two days Wildcamping experience and by God we wouldn’t be disappointed. It’s been a long time coming, that long walk in ” 4 hrs to be exact” and the weather was amazing and we made the most of it. It’s been a while for me as lately I have adopted the easier option, lazing in lush valleys with clear fresh water or the local coast and moors.
I drove to Julies she jumped in my car with her gear and of course Gizmo her faithful always by her side dog. We planned on a certain campsite for night one which wouldn’t be too far off the start of the long walk up to our second camp spot on day two.
Being late in the day the campsite we thought would be the best option, whilst on the road we decided on a different campsite en route local to a nice pub at Threlkeld. We arrived at the White horse Inn , downed a few and Julie happened to mention to the barmaid about the bunkhouse’s around back and little did I know it at the time she had booked a room behind my back. We had spent nights in here previously and Its well worth the money. Daveswildcamping kitchen would be a curry n rice and prawn crackers for quickness. We retired to the beds where I had too much to drink, not been a drinker the room was spinning. The next morning I felt as much like hiking and camping like a kick in the head. To absorb some of the alcohol we opted for the most delightful breakfast at Wetherspoons It done the trick. We had planned on meeting Rob around 14:00 at the Fish Inn Buttermere. Had a jar and we were strict with just one and I said let’s do it..
So packs on we headed up towards Wandope our destination, over the Breast and onto Whiteless Pike. We arrived at the summit as the sun was going down, an amazing sunset we had.
We got the tents up we had soup for the evening meal, Rob joined us in a drink and a natter, he retired to his trailstar his first trial on an exposed hill. We had a calm starry frosty night.

The sunrise was amazing and I was up before everyone I think I shocked even myself. We had talked planning the hike to do Crag Hill the next day as we knew it wasn’t a big push from Wandope and what a good call it was. One of the most amazing views of the Lake District mountain ranges I’ve seen. The summit of Crag Hill is quite stoney for tents not like the smooth grass of Wandope but better views as it opens up a whole new area to the east.

Water wasn’t available as usual on summits but there was patched of snow so I filled a carrier bag boiled it up and used it for the morning tea and kept the bit water I had in my bladder for the walk down. I’m so pleased I had done this Wildcamp one to remember for sure.

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We’ll see you there.