Windy as Hell

Posted in Windy as Hell on March 25th, 2015 by David Murphy


On the 6th and 7th March 2015 Me and Julie set off to do a spot of wild camping, the first night would be Latrigg in the Lake District. We’ve camped here several times before not much work for a stunning view. The gusts were forecast for 89mph on surrounding high hills. We constructed a tent bailout debriefing to get back down safely and minimize loss of gear.
On the menu for this evening was Green Thai Curry, rice and prawn crackers.
After the evening meal it was time to wrap up in our sleeping bags and listen to the sound of wind and the patter of rain as the moon would keep appearing in the Nemo Moki skylights.
Breakfast time, and Julie was mostly in charge of the kitchen and by God I’m making a good cook out of her. Bacon, mushrooms, fried egg and beans
With Warburtons thins. Well done Julie!
On the way to our next wild camp we stopped off for a pint before heading to Father Murphy’s diocese for his sermon at the pulpit.
The second wild camping location was new to us and it was a by chance spot as we didn’t fancy the second hill we planned due to time, this was definitely a good call and we left the planned hill to our next camp, blog to follow soon.
I thought we would be a bit sheltered from the strong winds by a rock formation behind us and being quite a bit lower down than last night. This proved to be wrong as the gusts battered us more, and this time we could here the gust building up around 5 seconds before it hit the tent with a thud.

The evening meal was Marks & Spencer Chicken, mushroom and rice soup, very nice and as you will see from the video very fulfilling too.
It was time to settle and soak up the sounds of nature the wind and rain that would continued all night.
Breakfast was smokey bacon, fried eggs, mushrooms and beans With Warburtons thins.

Great fun with Julie and I’m sure we’ll be visiting this spot soon.

Thanks for listening, and watch the video below

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