Wild Camping with the Real No.1

Posted in The Real No.1 on March 13th, 2015 by David Murphy

On the 27th Feb 2015 I set off to a local haunt, North Pennine moors.
This spot is a easy walk in and I can spend some quality time here without seeing a single soul. The trig is quite tall to stand behind deflecting any breeze and leaves me to enjoy what the night brings. I arrived around 19:00 hrs and started erecting my new tent the Nemo Moki, Shield Edition.
My food for this evenings Daveswildcamping kitchen would be:-
Sirloin Steak
Shiitake Mushrooms
Beansprouts stir fry
Black bean sauce
Warburtons Bread thins
6 eggs
Whole tomatoes
Pack of bacon
Tin of cheesy beans
Pint of Milk
DWC Toffees
2 bars of Asda chocolate

I didn’t cook on the evening, didn’t feel hungry so decided to keep my steak for the second night and just have a big breakfast.
The wind picked up as the night went on as temperatures dropped. I had one of my amazing Nemo Moki side windows open to watch the occasional stars through the occasional breaks in the clouds.
I erected the tent with just one vestibule this time with it just being me no need for two.
After watching some Daveswildcamping videos on my phone it was time to get my head down.
After a blustery night I set up my camera for a sunrise which didn’t happen – too much low cloud. So next it was that favorite part of anyone’s camp ‘the mighty breakfast’ and with Daveswildcamping this is no different. I cooked sausage, tomatoes, cheesy beans, bacon and eggs cooked in my new egg pan.
It was time to pack up and meet Julie for a pint or two and off to set up camp on the Northumberland coast.
Another windy night but that doesn’t faze the master of Wild camping. Steaks were on cooking, Julie had fillet and me a Sirloin. We had two stoves going for a better cooking experience, I had stir fry with my black bean sauce and Julie had Peppercorn sauce, mushrooms with some rice mixed in.
Now it was the dessert which was strawberry and cream tarts mmmm.

Fantastic food and one of the best nights I’ve had in a tent, so much fun and laughs with Julie and after watching the video I’m sure you will agree.