Coastal Camp with Rob

Posted in Camp with Rob on February 26th, 2015 by David Murphy

Nemo Moki

On the 21st of Feb 2015 Myself and Rob met at our usual coastal Wildcamping location in separate vehicles.
I was there first as usual around 13.00 I took my time setting up my new tent pitch for the second time, the first been in the valley days before which I spend two nights with little filming.
Rob arrived late as usual after 16.00 he setup his Vango Banshee.
Not much time had past from him setting up his tent that he climbed into the real No.1’s new tent the Nemo Moki. We both marveled at its magnificence, the comfortable pawprint to it’s awesome side windows.
Nemo Moki
The Moki is first setup with two outer poles that are fed through a short sleeve then clip into strap holes on opposing sides, then the tent body is clipped onto the poles. Two other poles are crossed over inside the tent to create the corner support. Velcro straps wrapped around the poles at four points down each corner and one in the middle. The poles been attached at so many points inside the tent helps the tent maintain its strength and structure during winds from all angles. The tent needs seam sealed on the outside at these velcro points and also pole clips as they are stitched all the way through the tent for added strength, also the seam sealing give the stitching strength at these points.
Nemo Moki
Vestibules are added later after the tent is up these are attached by a zip, this is a great touch.
The Moki’s pawprint can be fitted after the tent is erected which just clips inside via press studs, this adds the finishing touches to comfort in this amazing tent. Two tents can be attached together by a link which incorporates it’s own door in the side. I currently don’t have this add on but it maybe useful just attached at one end and used as a canopy.
After sitting talking a while we head down to the fire pit area which is a few mins walk from the tents, we cooked our food, Robs was pre prepared pork chops and veggies, I cooked gammon steaks with mushrooms and beans.
After some more crack a few Cans and some star gazing it was time to head back to my tent for some more star gazing through them amazing side and roof windows.
Next morning it was Muffins and Double Gloucester onion and chive cheese for breakfast, Rob couldn’t resist coming back over for some more chinwag and marvel at my new tents magnificence. We chatted a while had a few laughs as you will see this scene on the vid below It was daylight outside at this time and the tent appears dark with a glow coming from the ceiling which could be mistaken for a light hanging up, but this was the morning light shining through the roof windows. It was time to pack away and head home. It was a stop off at mac Donalds no Sundays dinners for us….